How To Make Your Home Dog Friendly

If a dog has always been your pet animal since childhood, then you would definitely have an idea about how you would create your home in future to accommodate your veterinary companion too. However, many a time, you do experience a dilemma as to how to transform your home without compromising on your dear things. Here are a couple of easy tips and tricks you can adopt to transform your home into a dog friendly one so that you are at peace…Read on…

  1. Walkways are a must

Dogs love walking and that is where an exclusive walkway comes into picture. While your canine would stride and spend his time there, it would also keep your house dirt free, to a certain extent. Create one in such a way that anything that has stuck on to the dog’s feet from the grass will work the way off while he strides the walkway.

dog at home

  1. Opt for wooden interiors

Chuck away the carpets. Those will be filled with dirt and mud – courtesy, your dear puppy. Using wood will enable you to keep your interiors clean and of course, healthier too. Choose an easily cleanable surface that is 100% non-permeable. Plus, choose an object that is basically hypoallergenic. This way you will not put the health of your pet also at stake.

  1. Vacuuming everyday is a must

If you cannot part with your dearest carpets, then be ready to spend some extra energy to keep them clean. The slightest laziness will force you to stay in a home filled with the odor of your pet and mud. So, chuck out the odor and get rid of the mud and dirt by vacuum cleaning it daily. You can also

  1. Keep your dog’s coat clean by brushing it

You need to brush your dog’s coat daily with a brush or preferably the de-shedding tool. This tool will help you in helping you get beneath the fur of the dog and eliminate the dead skin. It is the dead skin of these canines that causes the disgusting odor from the carpets. So, ensure that you are exfoliating regularly.

  1. Keep them out of your furniture.

Keeping your pets out of the furniture will only help in reducing the frequency of your vacuuming. Choose a good sweeper, in case you have to clean your sofas and furniture.

  1. Tackle the accidents and spills with presence of mind

Act as soon as the accident happens. You need not own a huge, fancy carpet cleaner to do this. Just act as soon as the incident occurs; do not allow it to seep into the floor. Be extra vigil when your favorite your canine is around you.

  1. Keep the decor subtle

It will be easier for you clean and it will perfectly be in sync with your interior flooring and furniture. Choose vases and lamps that are taller than your dog’s tail height. You can also save your couches and chairs by covering them with slip-on covers that are easy to wash too.

  1. Chew toys are advisable

You can save your furniture from being eaten by him if you give him a couple of chew toys.

  1. Give them their own bed

Dogs love to just cuddle down in a soft cozy bed just like we do. So, do ensure that they are gifted with this luxurious touch. Choose ones that have raised platforms and are complete with a cutout and pad. Ensure that they have zero odor stain and has been finished with a non-toxic material. They will never get into your bed.

These are just a couple of tips you can try to make your home dog friendly. Do you have a dog as your pet? What do you do? Share with us…