How To Organise an Awesome Reunion

As time goes by, we often feel nostalgia surrounding the wonderful people from our past, be them family, friends, colleagues, or classmates, as they have helped shape us into the individuals we are today. Those memories, however, do not have to stay within the pages of an old yearbook: bring your past back to life by hosting a fantastic reunion party that brings together a group of people from your past. Though it might be tricky to track down those who have escaped from your own address book, and it might take work to coax people to come together, planning a reunion is an incredible experience with results that are indubitably worth the effort.

From Dream to Reality: Logistics of Planning a Reunion

Sometimes, the reunion is a fantastic dream that is never actualized – because people worry that finances, travel plans, personal and family needs, and other logistics will get in the way of making the event a success. Consider what kind of group you are hoping to assemble, and what kind of activities they might like to partake in during the event: would more people be more likely to come if food and drinks were served, or would your invitees like to participate in a sporting event or outdoor activity? Since these decisions can be quite difficult, try forming a committee of friends or family members who can help you to make the right choice, so that everyone feels included and is eager to participate in the big reunion event.

Fantastic Reunion Party

Leading Up to the Big Day: Continual Outreach and Fostering Connections

To increase the amount of excitement surrounding your family reunion, try establishing a Facebook page, EventBrite, organizational website, or other social media platform that allows your guests to interact. Sometimes, knowing that a long lost friend or relative will be there is a great motivator for someone who might not choose to attend the festivities otherwise. Create a space that is open for everyone to connect before the big day, perhaps for carpool coordination or other memory-making. This will set a fun, collaborative tone for all of your guests to feel included and welcome to the event, and prepare them for seeing the familiar faces from their past.

Members on this website or page will be able to easily share the information about the event and invite more people who might have been unintentionally left off of the list – especially because of name changes or difficult-to-reach contact information. The organizers of the event will find it far easier to keep control of the headcount for the event if people RSVP directly to the page. It is also a great way to continue keeping in contact with your guests. Should a last-minute change, such as a venue cancellation or time change, need to occur, sharing the information on this page is far easier than having to individually connect with each person who has been invited.

Locating Long-Lost Relatives and Friends

One of the big troubles about organizing a reunion is that it can be hard to track down all of the fantastic people from one’s past. As the world becomes increasingly globalized and our family and friends move to a different location or abroad with new families and work commitments, we often lose touch with those who matter most to us. Changing phone numbers and addresses can get lost along the way, especially since many families take advantage of blocking their numbers and home address information from being publicly available online as well as in the phone book. Many services, however, can help you to fill in the gaps: using a service such as Aussie Finder can help you to locate individuals based on former names, incomplete contact information, or even your hometown or school district.