How To Select a Safe Day Care Provider

A day care provider comes into picture when mothers also start preparing to resume their careers. While many a time, grandparents willingly step into this role, there are cases where ill-health of the senior citizens prevent them from doing the same. Selecting a day care provider is a daunting task wherein you need to exercise intense levels of caution. You can either try a play school or day care centers, according to your requirements, child’s age, and budget.

Scroll down and read on to know how you can choose the right day care provider for your baby!

Child Day Care

The A to Z of Selecting Day Care Providers

  1. Start enquiring well-ahead of the planned schedule.

You need not be lucky the first time itself; so start your search well in advance. You can start by enquiring with your relative, friends, or co-workers for information and referrals about good child care givers. You can even start the enquiry process right when you are pregnant, if you are planning to get back to work after your maternity leave. If there is a crèche in your office, enquire about that first as it will help you to continue with your breastfeeding. You can also take the help of various referral agencies with whom licensed day care providers would have registered.

  1. Visit the day care facilities to inspect the features they offer.

Do not end up or finalize a day care provider by just talking to them over the phone. Some of these providers are really shrewd and try to convince you with tempting features, only to shatter your hopes when you see the reality. So, visit the facilities and inspect. Plan a surprise visit so that they cannot cover up anything. This will give you the complete and true picture of what is happening there. Check whether the center is clean and offers facilities for taking a nap. Do the caregivers pay heed to the child’s requirements? Do the kids have any sources of entertainment?

  1. Talk about the sick policies.

Kids do fall sick and that too very often. There may be times when you need to rush him/her to a doctor. If you are planning to put the kid in a day care center, you have to be ensure that the place has a tie-up with a health care provider. This will ensure that the kid is taken care of the right way. Also, check if the center has the first aid facilities for the kids. Yet another point that needs to be ascertained is their willingness to look after your kid when he/she is sick. Many a time, these providers show reluctance when your kid falls sick and turns cranky. It is always better to play safe, right?

  1. What are their disciplinary rules?

All the day care providers come with a set of pre-designed discipline and code of conduct. Read through them. Understand the actions that the center will take against a misbehaving kid. Are the rules in sync with your code of discipline or is it too harsh? Never push your kid into a place whose code of conduct does not match with your home rules.

  1. Talk about work schedules and vacations.

Check whether the provider is willing to take care of the kids on those days wherein you have to spend a couple of hours more at work? What if you have to work on weekend? Will the day care provider accept this? If they accept, do they charge extra?

Talk about their holiday and vacation policies and the fee they charge, if any.

  1. Give your chance to experience the environment once!

Take your kid to the place and let him experiment. She should be the one who has to be comfortable. Interacting with the potential provider will give you an opportunity to understand who she feels and go ahead.

Stay tuned with your intuitions always. Even after you put your child in the day care, stay tuned. Visit the place now and then and keep the interaction between you and the provider alive. This will ensure that your worries are at bay. Stay safe!