How To Shine Someone’s Day With Funny SMS

Have you ever thought how apparently small and mundane things play a pivotal role in altering moods of people? Words, in particular, can be very powerful- they can heal wounds and create new ones, when used in specific contexts. It’s not only about words that you speak, but messages sent through devices like mobile phones and PCs can also make a difference to the recipients. A number of studies have shown how SMS texts can be used to boost moods of recipients. It was corroborated by the findings of a study done by Psychologists hailing from the University of California, Berkeley.

Why SMS Can Be Useful In Making People Feel Good?

There is no denying the complexity and hectic pace of life incorporates enhanced levels of stress. This is applicable for literally everyone. It is not about just working professionals and youngsters. Even kids and elderly lots are not spared from rising stress levels nowadays.


Amidst so much stress and complexity, a lot of people do not even realize they have become lonely. The job, chores and hurdles can take a toll on mental health, bogging you down internally. Sometimes, you need a small note of support and encouragement from people who matter in your life. This can be a friend, a close colleague or even someone not directly related to you. A SMS sent by such people, can lighten up your mood instantly. You can also send such text messages to people you care about to cheer them up any time!

Ways To Lighten Up People With SMS In Various Ways

  1. Boosting confidence with SMS– Text messaging is not necessarily restricted for using in personal occasions like birthdays or events like Christmas. You can also send SMS to encourage people and boost their confidence level before a vital event in life. For example, you may send a short but positive SMS to a cousin, preparing for an exam or someone who is headed for an interview. In such times, people usually feel tensed and an encouraging text can lighten their mood.
  2. Jokes with a positive note- When you write an electronic text, using PC or mobile, using formal tone is not required. You may make a friend or colleague cheerful even with texts containing joke, but having a positive tone. For example, you may crack jokes on a friend through SMS but send the message saying you love him in spite of his quirks. In most instances, the recipient will have a smile on his lips after receiving it. It acts as an instant mood booster.
  3. Suggesting a celebration plan– Nowadays, people remain so busy with their career and household chores that time for catching up with friends and close ones become scarce. You may surprise friends or such close people by sending them SMS about catching up or reunion after a long time. Of course, you can call them up but a message containing such an unexpected surprise has an impact on the recipients.
  4. Cozy messages on gloomy days– You may pick a particularly gloomy day to send SMS to someone you love or care about and boost his or her moods. It can be a dark, rainy day or a gloomy winter evening. Such weather tends to make people feel morose or lonely than usual. Sending a message containing your feelings can make the recipients cheer up.
  5. Sending unexpected invitations– You may surprise friends or colleagues by sending an invitation when they least expect it through an SMS! It is a nice idea to ask a colleague for a coffee after work through a message. Similarly, you may ask a friend you have not caught up with for some time for watching a movie together through messaging. Such unexpected moves take the recipients by surprise and they usually agree to the offers.
  6. Breaking the ice– Sometimes, you may have a spat or difference of opinion with a close person. To break the ice and overcome the hurdle, you can send across an SMS to him or her. A short SMS can be reassuring and it paves the way for reconciliation between the two persons. It is especially helpful when you feel hesitant regarding making a call yet want to convey your feelings.