How To Stay Cool This Summer

How can you beat the fiery inferno this summer? When you dream about it, it’s more fun in the sun, catching some rays, kicking it back and just relaxing. But then you remember the torturous heat you’re going to have to bear all day long. When it gets too hot, the simplest things turn into trying tasks. Everything is uncomfortable and leaves you feeling like there’s no end to this scorching summer blaze. The rising temperatures can be brutal, so trying to stay cool is the ultimate goal.

Leave the sizzling to the frying pan, while you put an end to the angry summer heat with some brilliant strategies.

1. Be Cold Blooded

Cold Compresses

Cool your blood by applying ice packs or cold compresses to your neck, wrists, inside of your elbows, behind your knees and at your ankles. By placing the coolness directly to your pressure points or pulse areas, you can cool the blood in your veins to give you a sense of relief.

2. Take a Shower


Cold showers can regulate your body heat. So shower as much as you can, the more frequent the better. Also try using menthol soaps. They will keep you feeling refreshed for longer time after every shower. Furthermore, menthol has a cooling effect on the skin.

3. Work Smarter


The temperatures start soaring before noon and fall late evening. So take the afternoons off to sit back and relax. Get all your chores done early mornings and late evenings, so that you don’t have to sweat it out when the heat is at its peak during the day.

4. Take a Break from the Kitchen

summer bbq party

You now have an excuse to throw a BBQ party almost every day because barbequing outside lets heat escape into the open rather than confining it within the four walls of your kitchen. Give that old oven a rest to avoid the high heat of the kitchen this summer, as you take on outdoor cooking. It also is fun and helps you forget the heat, although temporarily.

5. Lights Out

switch off

Lights give off heat. This includes even the power saving kind. Since summer days are longer than the nights, you can keep those lights out until you really need them. Also, try reducing the use of appliances, like televisions, computers and dishwashers when it gets really hot. They too generate and emit heat.

6. Pour Yourself a Cool Drink

Apple Juice

During the sapping summer heat, try to stay hydrated. Iced teas and fresh juices are delicious and amazing to cool down. However, make sure you get plenty of water in your system, as well. Staying hydrated keeps internal temperatures under control and the adversities of summer dehydration at bay.

7. Cool Curtains


Switch your bedroom curtains for more efficient ones. Simply put up a wet sheet in front of your open window so that the breeze can blow in cool air through the wet sheet and into your room at night. This will help the room and you stay cool this summer.

8. Go Camping


The ground cools much faster than your home at night. Camping will let you sleep outdoors during warm summer nights. You can even try it in your own yard if you want too. Just pitch a tent in your yard and get yourself and the kids into it for some cooling fun and excitement!

9. Make Your Bed Just Before you Sleep


Neatly pack your bed sheets and pillowcases in Ziploc bags and leave them in the freezes for a few hours. You should have cool comfy bedding to sleep in every night this way.

10. Sweat It Off


Spicy food may not be the first thing you reach for when it’s boiling hot outside, but the capsaicin in chilies and peppers will force you to sweat, cooling you off with spicy heat. May not sound tempting, but this really works!

11. Get Yourself a Summer Wardrobe

summer clothes

Light, loose cotton clothing is ideal for summer. The fabric soaks sweat and when it evaporates, it takes your body heat with it. Light-colored clothes are also perfect in summer, as they reflect heat, thereby keeping your body cool