How To Throw A Divorce Party

A divorce is often recognized as the death of a marriage and the end of a relationship between two people that may have lasted for years. Even so, many people may feel no reason at all to mourn or be sad about their marriage’s dissolution. Rather than dwell on the fact that they are no longer married, many people feel the need to celebrate their new life of freedom and happiness. Commemorating their divorce could be a prime occasion for people to host a party and share their joy with their friends and relatives. As divorce parties become more popular and commonplace, people can consider what party elements they want to include in their own.

a) Invite Your Happy Friends

The guest list for a divorce party should include people who share in the newly divorced person’s happiness. Mutual friends from the marriage, former in-laws, and the divorce couple’s children may be omitted from the list of invitees. Any harsh feelings that may be held by people that were friends of you and your soon-to-be-ex could put a damper on the festivities. On the other hand, friends who belong exclusively to the host, that person’s close relatives, coworkers, and even friends from church may make for better guests and add to the enjoyment of the occasion. As people make up their list for whom to invite to this party, they may think about people who will share in their happiness and refrain from criticizing or mourning the divorce. This is a pivotal time in your life but it’s also dramatic. You don’t want excess drama marring your celebration of life.

b) Embrace Being Single  
Divorce Party
Many people fear being single again. They may have spent so many years as half of a marriage that they do not know how to function as a single person. The loss of daily routines, scheduled life and having someone near can be disheartening. Consider the cause of the divorce and your life during the dismay. Revisiting this emotional time should help you to embrace your new life ahead. You should try to concentrate on being strong during these trying times. Rather than fear being unmarried, a person can commit to regaining his or her sense of identity and rediscovering lost talents.

Much like married people exchange rings at their wedding ceremony, a newly single person can gift himself or herself with a ring or bracelet that signifies the new life ahead. This gifting can be part of the party with the friends and relatives gathered to act as witnesses. Buying oneself a simple band or a charm bracelet that can hold charms marking important milestones or lost hobbies would be an appropriate part of a divorce party.

Indulge your celebration even further by creating your own divorce social event. Try creating a Facebook page devoted to your divorce and the pending festivities. Use Twitter to reach out to friends and loved ones on the progress of your divorce party. You can update your social pages with thoughts and plans for your new single life as well. It’s best to try to stay as positive as possible during these times because it can easily become negative and weigh down your spirits. Remember, it’s divorce of a marriage, not the end of the world.

c) Ditch the Dress!

Most brides save their wedding dresses in carefully wrapped boxes. When their marriages end, brides may wonder what to do with their gowns. If she has no daughter to pass it on to or no daughter who cares to wear it later, a woman has leeway to dispose of her gown anyway she sees fit. If she is uncertain about what to do with her wedding clothes, a woman can make the decision into a party game at her post-divorce celebration. She can allow guests to decide what should be done to the outfit. Some destroy the dress and take professional photos to add to the celebration. Donating the dress is another form of letting go of the past life of marriage. Once it’s decided on what to do with your wedding attire, make sure to take pictures of the disposal for social updates on your divorce Facebook and Twitter pages.

Throwing a divorce party can be a great way to say goodbye to a former life and move past the sorrow of the event. It can help you to embrace the new and upcoming chapter of your life. Gathering beloved friends and relatives for a celebration can help people move on to their new futures as single people.