How To Work Your Way Out of a DUI Ticket

It’s a widely known fact that driving under the influence of alcohol is a dangerous act, but for some reason, there are still around 1.4 million arrests for the crime every single year. In some cases, people make the mistake of not realizing how intoxicated they are. Some, on the other hand, have the illusion that they drive safely under the influence of alcohol.

Even if this were somehow true, this will not save a person from a DUI ticket if they get stopped at a checkpoint. This is why everyone, regardless of where they’re pulled over, should understand how to avoid a DUI conviction.

Hire an Attorney

hire an attorney

Maybe the best way for a person to get out of a DUI ticket is to hire an attorney who handles these cases for a living. There are a variety of defenses against a charge of drunk driving. Faulty Breathalyzer devices or administered tests, certain oral health products and even a person’s diet can cause an alcohol breath test reading to be inaccurate.

Additionally, an improper stop due to a lack of probable cause and a host of other factors can easily lead to all charges against a person being dropped. This is not always the issue, knowing your rights as a person is very important in these cases. DUI charges can have long term effects on your license and life, consulting with an experienced attorney is the best way to avoid this from happening.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Don’t Drink and Drive

Okay, this is undoubtedly the most obvious answer to getting out of a DUI ticket: don’t drink and drive. The penalties related to a conviction can include high fines, community service, loss of driver’s license and even jail time. There are many other options rather than drunk driving. If a designated driver cannot be found, many establishments that sell alcohol will actually provide cab fare for a person to get home.

Additionally, if a person is under the influence on a holiday, AAA provides free tow rides in many areas so a person can get home safely and have their vehicle in the morning. There are several other free share ride options, it would be best to be proactive. Plan ahead, if you know you are going out with friends and want to drink, search in Google or on Craigslist for ride-share options in your area. Some are free and fall within the price range of $5-15, but it is better than the price you will pay if you are caught driving drunk.

Be Willing to Compromise


While attorneys will obviously increase a person’s chances of avoiding a DUI ticket, they’re not miracle workers. There are some instances where the evidence is obvious, but this doesn’t automatically mean a DUI conviction. Those charged with the crime, especially on their first offense, may be able to avoid a drunk driving guilty verdict by taking advantage of pretrial diversion programs. Also, their attorney may be able to have the charges reduced to less serious offense. These options will vary greatly dependent on a person’s location in America, but it’s always worth checking with a legal professional.

Don’t Admit to being Drunk


Many people don’t realize it, but proving a drunk driving charge is one of the most difficult things a prosecutor can do. This is why many cities actually have specialized task forces to handle DUI arrests. Certain conditions must be met for an officer to stop an individual and request a Breathalyzer sample. Fortunately for those arrested, even a failed Breathalyzer test doesn’t constitute an automatic conviction. Unfortunately for those who are absentminded, telling the officer that they’re drunk is an easy way to help secure a conviction. Of course, the driver can refuse to take the breathalyzer but they had better have one of the best DUI attorneys on-call and be prepared to make their case in court.

Driving under the influence leads to about a third of all fatal car accidents every single year, so there’s literally no excuse to drink and drive. Fortunately, only a minority of DUI arrests occur with people who have been previously convicted, so this means that it often only takes one arrest for a person to learn their lesson. Sadly, even in these cases, this will not prevent the stringent repercussions that follow a conviction. This is why, when a person is facing a DUI charge, they need to do everything they can to be exonerated.