Discover The Most Popular Myths Regarding How to Lower Energy Bills

You have probably heard a variety of strange things that you have been told will help you to reduce your energy bills. With the average energy bill being more than $1,000, it is easy to be tempted to try anything. Unfortunately, some of these ‘facts’ are simply myths and not worth your time and effort.

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Keeping Your AC and Heating On Low Saves You Money

It is easy to see how this myth came about.  Logically it appears to make sense, when you leave your industrial air conditioning unit on it maintains the cool temperature and uses less power than turning it on and off throughout the day, making it re-cool the space every time.

The same is true for your heating.

However, research shows that this is the more expensive option. It is better to simply switch the air conditioning or heating on when you are at home and need it. It may take a little longer to cool the space but the overall cost is less.

Individual Heaters Save You Money

An individual heater can appear to make sense. It allows you to heat the room that you are using and not the rest of the house, saving you on heating costs.

However, the truth is that a central heating system is far more efficient at heating the entire house and uses less power than individual heaters. In short, it is cheaper to use central heating than it is to turn individual heaters on and off.

Appliances Stop Using Energy When They Are Off

Providing an appliance is plugged in it is using energy. Of course, the energy pull is small but, over a period this can still add up to a significant amount, especially when you consider the number of appliances in your home.

Some things are obvious, a plugged-in microwave usually has a clock draining your power. Others, such as your charged mobile, are less obvious. But, even though it is charged the charger will keep drawing power to charge it

If you want to stop using energy you need to unplug the appliance.

Shutting cooling Or Heating Vents To Unused Spaces Saves Energy

This seems to make sense. If you close the vents the heater or AC unit doesn’t need to warm/cool a specific area and you will use less energy.

However, the system will still operate and the closed vents will force it to work harder to find ways around the vents to get the air where it needs to be.

In other words, closing the vents will not save you any energy but it will increase the strain on your system which shortens its life!

Final Thoughts

The key to lowering energy bills is to unplug items that are not being used, increase your air conditioning thermostat slightly, and have all your appliances regularly serviced. This will ensure they are working at peak efficiency and you save money on energy use and having to replace them early than intended.