How Clean Lines Give Small Spaces Character

The modern approach to interior decorating is the “less is more” appearance to your home. Fine lines, open floor plans, muted colors, and simple furniture is now the desired look. Framed artwork is now viewed as the decor focal point in homes, leaving counter spaces and table tops free from clutter.

To achieve this new modern minimalist look you will need to:

1. De-clutter your home. You will need to remove as much stuff from your home as possible. You want to make your home functional, yet welcoming. This means getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff in your home to make it more open and inviting. You will be amazed at how stimulating this activity can be when it is performed. Getting rid of things things that you thought you could not live without will actually give you a sense of relief once they are gone.

2. Opt for neutral wall colors. White and neutral color walls are back in style. These colors should also apply to your furniture. Variations of white, black and grey are very popular. Accents of wood and jute compliment this natural look. Go for streamlined furniture, the bulky overstuffed couch and chair sets are no longer in. Lots of pillows and bulky throw rugs are also a thing of the past.

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3. Let the natural light in. Natural lighting is not only beautiful and enhances a room, it is also economical. By utilizing more natural light in your interior decorations, you will reduce energy consumption. Natural light will also bring out the true beauty of fine lines and neutral colors. If you have the ability to enlarge your windows, do so. Larger windows will make your rooms appear bigger and will allow more natural lighting in.

4. Decorate walls, not table tops. Add beautiful art to your walls as a way to enhance the room and create conversation pieces. Refrain from filling tables with books and knick-knacks; this only leads to clutter and more dusting. The folks at suggest that you chose canvas or paper prints that are custom-framed, that will depict sharper imagery with vibrant colors.

5. Choose a natural floor option. Carpets are no longer the coveted floor covering they were in the past. Carpets are known to keep allergens in the home, are hard to keep clean, and do not comply with the minimalist look. Opt for natural textile floor covering such as wood or stone tile. These floor coverings are easy to maintain and look wonderful.

Many minimalists will get their design inspiration from the shape and placement of furniture. Look for geometrical designs that complement the room, and use that same shape for decorating the entire room. Do not use too many different shapes because it will begin to look cluttered. Once you have achieved your new look, you will be very pleased. You will find that it is much easier to relax when you are at home, instead of constantly being worried about straightening and organizing.