How Do You Choose Between Aluminium Bi-Folding And Sliding Door?

Are you swaying between an aluminium sliding door and bi-folding door? Are you confused which one would be the perfect choice? You will be able to make the perfect choice only when you know the pros and cons of each type of door.

It is a stressful process to choose doors for your property, whether it is your home or office. The unending options available in the market make it even difficult to make a wise choice to suit the requirements. However, two of the most popular choices include aluminium sliding and bi-folding doors. Each one has certain drawbacks and benefits.

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Tips To Choose Between Sliding And Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors possess a certain quality and the required charm. They were the product of choice all through the 1990s and the early 2000s. The chief reason for this was provision of maximum openings amid living as well as alfresco areas. The bi-folding door has a certain classiness and sophistication. Moreover, it highlights the space with a “resort-inspired” appeal. It is often associated with people as a more high-class product.

While speaking of sliding doors, these are also known as stacking doors and cavity sliding doors. Most homes built in recent times feature big stacking sliding doors. However, times are gone when sliding doors meant the backyard of a home. Sliding doors are commonly associated with bolder designs, bigger views and wider openings. These days, manufacturers provide sliding doors with as many as three sliding panels plus one fixed panel in either direction. You can opt for an even bigger one, depending upon your choice and requirement. These big stacking sliding doors facilitate a seriously wider opening.

There are numerous considerations that you should remember when making a choice between bi-folding and sliding doors. Some of these considerations along with some of the key features are listed below:


Although bi-folding doors are easier to open and close, they are a bit more intrusive compared to sliding doors. This is because they don’t roll into the place along the hinges like sliding doors. They open inwards and outwards, thus occupying a lot of space. Therefore, sliding doors are the right choice for those who have furniture close to their doors.

Moreover, sliding doors move straight in line over the tracks, thus avoiding protrusion of any kind. For this reason, sliding doors are a better option to get along with curtains and blinds as they do not disrupt with the functioning and operation of either of these.

Opening Space

When we talk about the open space, bi-folding doors are preferred over the sliding doors. They provide maximum access to the outdoors. Another reason for bi-folding doors to overtake sliding doors in this regard is that they make room for more sunshine and natural light to come into the house.


Bi-folding doors can be fitted in smaller frames. You can fit an aluminium bi-folding into a 2-metre frame quite easily. On the other hand, sliding doors feature large panes. This creates the need to install a bigger frame. Therefore, check the available space beforehand instead of feeling disappointed later on.


This is the most important consideration while making a choice between aluminium bi-folding and sliding doors. Although the prices for the two can vary, they stay similar to great extent. This makes it completely matter of personal preference to choose between the two.

In addition to the aforesaid points of consideration, it is equally important to consider the usage frequency of the door. If usage is frequent, you want a door that can be easily opened and closed securely.

Taking these factors into consideration will help you make the right choice.