How Does the Atomize Work?

The atomizer of an electronic cigarette is in fact the core element that transforms the e juice into vapor, giving the user the desired level of nicotine. An e cigarette can become a vaper’s best friend, as vaping is becoming more of a hobby than an addiction. People are mixing the e juices in order to obtain the right nicotine level but are also trying to make changes to their e cig. Modding the gadget can be done correctly is the user knows some basic information regarding the e cig and its parts.

The electronic cig atomizer is, above all, the most important part. It connects directly to the battery and heats up a coil that transforms the e liquid in the filler material into flavored vapors. The coil eventually burns out as it is a very fragile piece, looking very much like a light bulb filament.

Atomizer parts: Wick and Coil


The atomizer also has a wick that looks like a tiny piece of material, wrapped around the coil. The wick actually pulls the e-liquid unto the coil. This part can burn if the e cig is used having the cartridge and the atomizer completely dry. If this happens you will need to change the atomizer as burned wick has an awful taste.

Also, the wick can get clothed with dried e juices and it may clog the entire atomizer. Some vapers manage to remove the wick but it is not advised to do so as the coil can be easily damaged. If this happens then the atomizer is yet again useless. If you are interested in how the inside of an atomizer looks like, try and disassemble one you are about to throw away.

The bridge

Another piece of the atomizer is the bridge. This is in fact a small piece of metal that covers up the wick and the coil. The part is also covered by a metal mesh that has the purpose of holding the e juice that is drawn out of the cartridge. Along with the wick, the mesh provides e juice to the coil, which results in a continuous vaping flow.

Some people also tend to modify the mesh part of the atomizer, but the practice can destroy the part altogether. For a better vaping experience, it is advised not to try and make any major changes to the way the e cigarette works. Trying to improve it might actual cause irreversible damage.