How To Avoid Plumbing Scams

Being conned by a plumber may be easier than you think. Most people have little to no understanding of how a household sewage system functions; which leaves them vulnerable to a number of plumbing scams. Of course, plumbers don’t just deal with unclogging sinks and drains – they also interact with the heating and cooling systems; the boiler – which can be a very sore and expensive subject. Of course, not every plumber has a dark side to his plunger; there are plenty of honest and reputable plumbers out there. However it is always best to have your wits about you, avoiding scams will avoid heavy costs that may land you in debt if not careful, so here is a quick guide upon how to avoid plumbing scams.


Knowing How Many Extra Workers Are Needed, If Any!

In what instance would a plumber need extra workers to be sent to help him finish the job? Well, if a plumber is training an apprentice, there is nothing wrong with that. However, what is important to note is that you should only be charged for one person’s worth of work; never be tricked into handing out two hourly rates for a one-man job. Of course, always take a step and assess how big the job is. For example, unblocking a drain is a one man job; however creating the plumbing system for a brand new home might take a few people to get the job done quickly.

Extra Workers

Wrong Estimates

As with a lot of labour work; estimates can always be a bit of a tricky subject. One of the simplest ways a plumber can squeeze the money out of you is by handing you an inaccurate estimate. To avoid being conned is play the field with plumbers if you have the time; get numerous quotes for the job and enquire why the price is high or low. The lowest price might not always be the best for customers may be charged for extra work in the future.


Know What The Plumber is Installing

Always have a basic understanding of what the plumber is installing and especially what materials they are using. Plumbers have been known to overcharge for certain expensive products, use non-genuine parts and charge premium for them. What the best thing to do in this situation is visit local hardware & plumbing stores to compare the prices of what you are being charged. While it is acceptable for your plumber to charge a small mark-up to cover overheads, more than 10% on top is unacceptable.

plumbing scam

As a customer you must always be aware of any kind of potential plumbing scam you may be a victim of. Investigate your plumber; don’t be afraid of asking questions – for then you will have a greater understanding of the work that is being done, ready to relay that information to other plumbers that you want a quote from. Have your wits about you and never let yourself be taken for a ride; if a price is too good to be true, it usually is.

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