How To Bring In Positive Energy In Your Living Space

The ancient art of Feng Shui is a beautiful and powerful science that combines interior design, the chines five elements theory, Taoist yin and yang and the ancient Chinese wisdom that has been passed on from generation to generation into an eclectic mix.

Feng Shui for its foundation has the belief that everything on the planet radiates life energy called chi and that all matter has a consciousness which means that all humans are constantly interacting with everything that surrounds them. Objects and phenomenons in your environment can fill you up with energy and inspire you, but in some cases they can drain your energy.

feng-shuiFeng Shui promotes the fact that human homes are actually a compilation of the energies of the object within it, as well as the energy of the people and animals that lived there before. Considering that we spend a lot of time at home, all those energies are in interaction with our energy field, thus having a powerful influence on our lives by acting positively or negatively on our relationships, career and health.

The front door as the mouth of the chi

Creating a home that supports, enriches and nurtures you is equal to creating a balanced, healthy and happy life. In Feng Shui, you always start with the front door that represents the mouth of the chi that allows all phenomenons to come to you. Then, next according to importance is the anteroom.

The anteroom represents the transition area of the outside world towards the inside. Houses and apartments have various kinds of these transition areas: some have a wall as soon as you enter, others don’t even have an anteroom, in some you literally step right in the living room, and some have an elaborately developed transition zone from the outside world to the inside.

Don’t put family pictures in the anteroom

No matter what your situation is, think about what creates a pause and stops the chi before it rushes through the house and creates the first positive impression. Make a beautiful space that enables you to rest and think, that lifts your chi and inspires you as soon as you walk into a room. The anteroom is a fairly public room, the mix of outside and inside energies, and it is not the ideal place to have personal objects like family pictures and religious artifacts. They are stores in the privacy of the living room.

Five Feng Shui tips for your anteroom:

  1. The anteroom is a place where you can display your favorite artwork and on an elegant table place an attractive flower arrangement, as well as decorative objects. If there is no room for furniture, you can build in a shelf on the wall for storing decorative arrangements or some of the traditional chandeliers may fit in to your anteroom. No matter how the entrance in your home looks, make sure it is inspiring and uplifting.
  2. Place a decent and modern mirror, that is the best way to welcome the chi. Make sure it is not directly opposite to the door because in that way you will send the chi (often interpreted as money) back outside.
  3. Make sure that your front door can be opened without any hardship and obstacles. The way around them must be free. The front door has a very important role in Feng Shui because it allows things like money and other appearances in your home, and because of it there can be no obstructions.
  4. Clearly mark to people that are entering the room to move forward, so they don’t feel confused entering your home. You can, for example, use a painting or installation to guide the visitor where to go.
  5. Display all five elements in your anteroom: water, fire, earth, wood and metal. In that way you will create a sense of peace and bliss for everybody who enters.