How To Buy The Suitable Raincoat For Toddlers

Parents try to ensure their kids remain happy and safe at all times. They also want to provide their toddlers with everything necessary so that they grow up without facing hassles. In the rainy months, you may need to take the kids outside sometimes. It may be for school or occasional dining out needs. While you may carry an umbrella to avoid getting drenched, it is not the right accessory for the child for sure! You will need to buy a raincoat for your kid to use in such times. However, you will need to be a little careful when buying raincoat for kids.

Tips To Ensure You Buy The Apt Raincoat For The Children


Consider the following aspects when you are buying a raincoat for your baby boy or girl.

  1. Color – It goes without saying children love to wear colorful, bright dresses more than adults. A drab looking gray raincoat may suit your needs fine, but it is not what a playful toddler will like to wear! You should preferably buy bright colored raincoats for toddlers. Colors like pink, orange, crimson and purple are what kids tend to like more than other hues. Buying white or light hued raincoats for kids does not make sense, as these tend to get dirty quicker. Semi transparent raincoats are also liked by kids.
  2. Design – Kid’s raincoats are available in various designs as well. From floral designs to cartoon characters, you can find raincoats with designs that kids are fond of. You may also find raincoats with fruits, superhero characters and animal figures imprinted on them.
  3. Ease of Use – The raincoats should not be a hassle for the kids to wear. You can find raincoats that are long and cover the most part of the body. There are raincoats that have the upper and lower section separate. Ensure the kids can move freely after wearing a raincoat. In the rain, they may feel like splashing water and playing games and the raincoat should not hinder free movement. Some raincoats have attached hoods to cover the head and they are actually easier to use. Raincoats with separate caps can be tedious to use as kids can lose the caps. The raincoats should have bigger buttons or zippers that are easy to use.
  4. Safety Aspect– Since children’s skin tends to be delicate compared to adults, you need to be careful about choosing any garment for them, including raincoat. While materials like rubber, latex and PVC are used to make raincoats, ensure the raincoat for kids are free of PVC or contain it in little amount. PVC based raincoats contain ingredients that can be allergic for kids and may lead to skin problems in the long run. You can search specially for low PVC or PVC free raincoat for the toddlers online nowadays, as it is.
  5. Right Size– Ensure the size you are buying is right for the kid. It makes sense to buy a raincoat that is a little large for the kids since they grow up fast. However, do not buy raincoats for kids that are way larger for their comfort.

Tips You Can Benefit From

If you are shopping for kid’s raincoats, you may either go to shops or resort to online shopping. If you shop online, ensure you buy the raincoats from a suitable seller. Look for products that have enough description and images in the website. It is better that you buy from an online shop that offers hassle free replacement for damaged garments or size mismatches. You can also go through reviews of popular kid’s raincoat, making brands online before buying one.