How To Choose A Reliable Home Inspection Company

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you make in your lifetime. And, when you are preparing to buy one, inspecting the prospective property plays a very vital role. Choosing a highly rated home inspection company is essential to ensure that you will receive a report that gives you a detailed view of all the nooks and corners of the house. What are the factors you should consider before choosing a home inspection company? Before we delve into the details, let us take an eagle’s eye view of what home inspection means.

Home Inspection

Things To Know Before You Opt For Home Inspection

There is a certain set of things you should be aware of before you hire a home inspection company.

  1. Make sure that you are also a part of the home inspection team. While your presence during the inspection is not essential, being a part of the team would give you a chance to clear your doubts, if any. You could also put forward your suggestions to the team and discuss the discrepancies you find in the company’s inspection.
  2. Always ask for a detailed inspection. Demand an inspection that covers all the aspects, such roof damage, any previous hazards, wiring issues, plumbing issues, etc. Make sure that the company looks into every nook and corner of the house without conveniently forgetting or eliminating even the smallest aspect. Your physical presence would ensure that this detailed inspection in being carried out.
  3. Read the report thoroughly. You might receive the report from the company on the same itself. Make sure that the report is written in an easy to understand language and contains enough diagrams and pictures as well as narrations of the house. If you find that the report is not as expected, you could always ask for clarifications.

A detailed home inspection report could reveal any problems that you might have to fix. This would also help you to renegotiate the deal.

How To Find A Good Home Inspection Company

  1. Do a thorough homework: There are numerous home inspection companies, but you need to do a thorough homework to ensure that your choice does not turn out sour. Verify the credibility of the company by cross-checking their membership details.
  2. Check for relevant experience: The longer the company has been in the field, the better the deal will be. Aim for a company that has completed a minimum of 250 inspections. The ideal choice would be a company that has completed 1,000 inspections in three years. Always feel free to ask the concerned officials about the inspector who will be doing the task for you.
  3. Check for the license and insurance: Checking the credentials, the license and insurance are essential to verify the credibility and reliability of the company and the professionals working there. It is also essential to find out the details about errors and omission insurance and general liability insurance. You also need to verify if the company covers the Workers Compensation Insurance.
  4. Request references. If you are comfortable with all the aspects mentioned above, the next step is to check the past experiences. You could always ask the previous clients who would give you the information about the potential of the company and the inspectors working there. Previous references would also give you an idea about the pricing strategy of the company and their availability.
  5. Workout if the chosen company meets your budget: The pricing strategy of the company varies according to the time required for inspection. The age and size of a house also influence the pricing strategy. So work out your budget and draw a comparison to avoid conflicting situations.
  6. The Inspection Report: Ask for a detailed inspection report that includes all the aspects you need. It should be accurately describing all the systems of the house. The report should also give you a comprehensive view of the house, its age, size, as well as about the various appliances and systems present in the house. It should also let you know if any potential dangers exist.

You need to hire a home inspection company even if you are buying a new home as new ones could have as many issues as an older one. Be careful and choose the best!