How To Choose A Sofa

A sofa is a comfort as much as it is part of your home decor. Now, you might think choosing a sofa is a piece of cake. But let me assure you, it’s not. It takes time, patience and some keen eyesight.

Here are 20 designer tips that will make the whole process of sofa selection a little easier for you.

1) Set a Budget- A sofa could cost something between $700 and $2500. If you have a strict budget, try clearance sales or buy floor models.

2) Consider The Size Of The Room– Rule no #1 when buying a sofa is to decide whether you want a big one to fill up your living room space or whether you would like a smaller one.

3) Consider Your Seating Needs- If you are a small household, a two seater couch should be fine. If you have a big family or entertain a lot, opt for a bench cushion.


4) Decide The Spot For Your Sofa- Before you buy a sofa, carefully observe your living room and pick the perfect spot for your sofa. Consider whether you want it to face the television or whether it should be by the window.

5) Ensure That There Is Enough Space Between The Arms– If you’ll be frequently napping on the sofa, make sure that there is enough space between the arms.

6) Pick The Shape Of The Sofa- After figuring out exactly what you’ll be using the sofa for, you need to select the shape that will suit that purpose. For example, if you need to separate your living room from the dining area, an L-shaped couch is a fantastic idea.

7) Decide What Type Of Sofa Arms You Want- A country home needs stuffed rounded arms, whereas a modern city home needs rectangular arms.

8) Decide What Type Of Sofa Legs You Prefer– Sofas with bare legs are quite trendy nowadays. But for a traditional look, opt for a sofa with covered legs.

9) Pick The Perfect ‘Back’– Pillow backs are extremely comfy. Tufted backs look better, but aren’t as comfortable.

10) Check The Frame- Your sofa should have a sturdy frame crafted out of a durable material like hardwood, furniture grade plywood or steel.

11) Check The Suspension System- The suspension system of your sofa gives it that little bounce when you sink into it. It should support your weight and you should choose from hand-tied suspension systems and drop-in suspension systems.

12) Check The ‘Joinery’- This is what holds your sofa frame together. Ensure that the sofa has wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks and metal brackets.

13) Conduct A ‘Spring Test’- Check the springs through the upholstery and ensure that they are firm.

14) Always Check The Feel Of The Cushions– This is a must! After all, the primary purpose of a sofa is for you to sink into after a long hard day’s work. Sit on each cushion and test its comfort quotient before investing in it.

15) Find Out About The Fillings- The best filling that money can buy is goose down mixed with feathers. But if you’re looking for an affordable option, try high-resilient foam in a layer of down.

16) Choose The Right Upholstery- Looks are, of course, important. But functionality also carries a lot of weight these days. Leather looks fantastic and can be easy enough to clean, but it is also extremely expensive.

17) Choose A Tough Textile- You will be practically living on your sofa. Hence, it needs to be covered by a durable textile like cotton, linen or synthetic microfibre.

18) Make Sure That The Style Of The Sofa You Pick Complements The Overall Look- Your sofa should fit in naturally with the style of your home. If you like modern and sleek, try neutral shades in a clean and classic style.

19) Indoor/Outdoor Sofas- Today there are sofas which can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. They use fabric that is as durable as it is classy.

20) Breathe New Life Into An Old Sofa- If you’re the kind of person who loves searching for treasures in antique shops or thrift stores, here’s a good tip. Re-upholster an old sofa if you admire its craftsmanship.