How To Choose The Right Solar Lights

With fossil fuel becoming scarce with time the need to look for greener and alternative energy has gone up. Governments and environmental entities are promoting the usage of solar energy in a big way. While solar products like lamps and appliances are yet to get mainstream acceptance, the awareness level is improving with time.  Precision Roofing says “In addition to saving you money, solar technology helps you do your part to save the planet.” Solar lights in particular can be really convenient for people with varying needs. They can also be bliss in regions where electricity problems persist. However, not all solar lights serve the same purpose or have an exact operating mechanism. You need to analyse certain aspects before buying a solar lamp for personal use.

Solar Lights

Types of Solar Lights

You can buy various types of solar lights these days. The major types are:

  • Solar path lights
  • Decorative solar lights
  • Solar spotlights

No matter what type you buy, keep in mind solar lights are not exactly suitable for lighting up large areas compared to fluorescent or CFL lamps. However, they can very well be used to complement existing electrical lamps both inside and outside the house.

Ways To Select The Most Apt Solar Light

You can use solar light both for lighting up the interior or outdoor areas like rooftop, patio or backyard. Think of the aspects listed below before you buy one such light.

1. Direct Exposure To Sunlight

As it is natural, solar lamps draw the energy from sunlight and when used in bright and direct sunlight, they can be charged to optimum capacity and lit up your rooms or exterior for a long time. However, you may not get adequate sunlight in your region all over the year. What about those cloudy monsoon days or winter days when getting direct sunlight becomes an issue? It used to be a concern for first generation solar lamps, but nowadays you can buy solar lamps that perform even on those days. The efficacy, however, can vary.

2. Build Quality

This is especially important when you buy solar lights that will be used on the exteriors of the house. If you set up such lights at backyard or rooftop for illuminating the area, it will be exposed to weather elements. Lights that lack tough exterior casing are likely to get damaged by storm or heavy rainfall.

3. Warranty

While the price of solar lights is coming down with time, those with top notch bulb, parts and photovoltaic cells still cost a good amount. So, when you buy such a light, it makes sense that you opt for a brand that offers a warranty.

4. Reviews

Nowadays, you can buy a wide range of solar lighting and fixtures online, just like you buy other commodities. Before you buy such a lamp, more so for the first time read the online reviews carefully. Reading user feedbacks and reviews will help you select a model that offers good value for money and has a long life.

5. Maintenance

You may need to perform some maintenance for those solar lamps that will be used outside your house. You should buy solar lamps that do not require heavy maintenance. Weekly cleanups should be adequate. It makes sense to buy such lamps from a brand or seller that also offers spare parts.

6. Installation

Installing solar lamps may not be tedious, but when you opt for landscape lighting with such lamps, hiring an electrician may be required. In any case, the manufacturers bundle in user guides and instructions with their products. If you follow the guides, setting up individual lamps should not be tedious. You will find useful resources on the web on such topics for sure.