How To Choose The Right Type of Overhead Garage Doors

Garage doors not only provide convenience, security and efficiency, but they also add style to a house. In fact, the designs and styles of garage doors have evolved through the years thanks to technological advancements. Today, the most commonly used garage door model are overhead garage doors which have replaced the traditional kinds of garage doors that feature regular hinges or pivots to operate. If you are thinking about renovating your garage or installing a modern style of garage door, you must know how to compare the different types of doors basing them on function, materials and cost.

Overhead Garage Doors

Traditional garage doors have been replaced by overhead garage doors which are preferred by most homeowners with houses featuring a contemporary look. They can be found in different colors, styles, shapes and glass vision lights to cater to the demands of the modern market. These garage doors are easily opened manually or with an automatic garage door opener. They are also larger to allow vehicles of any size and shape to be stored in a garage. Fortunately, there are three types of overhead garage doors that you can choose from.

Garage Doors

1. Sectional Overhead Garage Door

This is the most commonly used kind of garage door that is created with three to four panels. These panels are connected together by hinges or axles that roll up into a large coil overhead whenever the garage door is opened. Unfortunately, it requires more ceiling space and often incurs mechanical problems. This type of garage door is popular because of its durability, various styles and designs, and security, as well as resistance to harsh weather conditions.

2. Roll Up Overhead Garage Door

Made out of numerous small sections of panels that are joined together to form a large garage door making roll up overhead garage doors quite costly. Whenever the garage door is opened, they roll up into a tight coil. Though the panels require regular maintenance, they do not need too much ceiling space making this door type suitable for tall openings.

3. Tilt Up Overhead Garage Door

Considered as the oldest type of overhead garage door kind, this door consists of one panel. This door is raised up into a track or a ceiling mounted pivot. This type of garage door is old fashioned and smooth in design, but cheaper. However, the drawback for this type of door is that it is not secure and unable to provide sufficient protection against harsh weather.

Materials Used In Garage Doors

Just as there are different designs and styles of garage doors, there are also different materials used in making them. However, there are four commonly used materials – aluminium, steel, wood and fiberglass. Among these, steel is considered to be the most common because it is more affordable, can be easily installed and offers better security. On the other hand, fiberglass is the most expensive, but because of it being the strongest material offering durability. Aluminium is resistant to corrosion and rust, while wood may be very stylish yet not so durable.

Whatever type of overhead garage door you may chose for your garage, it is essential that you regularly inspect, maintain and hire professionals to repair your garage door to avoid accidents.