How To Cool Your Room Without Air Conditioner

There is nothing better than enjoying the comfort of an air conditioner on a hot and humid summer day. After returning from a gruelling day’s work the whisper quiet chilling air circulated by the device seems like sheer bliss to anyone. However, using the air conditioner extensively can be heavy on the wallet. Based on aspects like cooling capacity of the air conditioner, daily usage and preferred temperature, the energy bill can shoot up considerably.

Ways To Stay Cool Without Using Air Conditioner

Fortunately, you can stay comfortably cool without using air conditioner at home. There are several methods that you can deploy to bring down indoor temperature and the level of humidity. While these alternatives and methods will not bring the room temperature down to the level of air conditioners, you will get relief from sweltering summer heat.

Follow the below listed tips to stay cool without using an air conditioner:

Keeping Windows Shut


Some people have a feeling that keeping the windows open on a humid and hot summer day will keep indoors cool as it will let air pass well. The truth is, doing so will let in the hot air inside rooms and you will sweat profusely. It is better to keep the windows shut at daytime or when the temperature is high. Throw them open in the evening and keep open at night to let the breeze come in. If you have to keep the windows open at daytime, use blinds to control the amount of sunlight and air that seeps in the rooms.

Planting Trees For Effective Relief From Heat

Indoor Plants

Many house owners opt for a patch of green at the backyard or at the sides. Some people also prefer having a garden in front. However, planting trees and plants strategically helps you keep the house cool. It makes sense to plant trees with large leaves and branches at the west and east side of the house. This way, their branches and leaves will soak up the heat to an extent. If the plants shade areas that absorb and radiate heat like driveways, it is better. For the same reason, be cautious while landscaping. Refrain from placing asphalt, rocks that absorb heat too close to the house.

Choose Your Foods And Drinks Wisely


It is important that you take the right kind of foods in the summer to keep the body cool. Avoid eating piping hot soups, drinks and food just brought from the oven. Eating cold food will help keep body temperature down. Drink plenty of cold fruit juices, smoothies and water to keep yourself comfortable. Keep fruit and vegetable salads in the fridge for sometime before serving for the same reason.

Using Right Type of Lights

While many people may not even think about it, using lights excessively can make the rooms hot and uncomfortable. The incandescent light bulbs are the worst in this respect and the produce lots of heat. The CFL and energy saving LED amps are cooler and they are also easier on the wallet. To keep rooms cooler, you should switch lights and bulbs off when they are not needed.

Using Right Type of Electronic Appliances


The logic applied to lights is also true about many electric appliances. You should consider using cooking appliances that generate less heat. Avoid using microwave, OTG and indoor grills as they generate a lot of heat when the food is cooked.

Using Fans Properly makes A Difference

Fans may not bring the room temperature down like an air conditioner, but when you use them properly, they can keep you cool. A lot of people use ceiling fans and they are fine for cooling people. However, when you use them in conjunction with stand alone fans, the effect is better. The cross wind will help you feel cool. You can also use an exhaust fan in the room to suck out the hot air.

Keeping Hydrated and Bathing

long swimming session

Nothing keeps your body cooler than taking a bath in water. In summer days, try taking three or more baths a day to stay cool and comfortable. The water from your skin will evaporate and make you feel really good. However, refrain from standing in front of a fan after bathing as it may make you catch cold. Evening or nocturnal swimming session can also bring relief from heat.

Think About Insulation

The insulation used in the rooms and attic makes a lot of difference. Choose the insulation material carefully. Those who have central air conditioning should seal ducts and vents well to ensure the cool air stays indoors for a long time.