How To Create More Space In Your Home

When you need more space in the family home to either accommodate for a new arrival or upgrade your standard of living then there are two options; you can either move to a larger property or create more space in your current home in whatever way possible. Whether it’s physical construction or less drastic changes, for most people the latter option could provide a more cost effective and viable solution and therefore home improvement of this kind is popular all over the world.

There are many options when it comes to creating more space within your home and it will depend on budget and just how much extra space you require as to which option you decide to go for. Here are four excellent ways of improving your home to achieve more room.

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Reassess Each Room –

The easiest and possibly least costly way of making more space is to reassess each room in turn and decide what you need and what you can do without. Over the years we tend to accumulate mountains of stuff; a lot of which we acquire without actually having a desire for it to be in our homes. By de-cluttering the main rooms in your home you may find that you’ve suddenly freed up some valuable extra space.

You may also want to look at your storage choices in each room too. A lot of the time we tend to choose storage solutions that have a wide surface area but switching to taller, slimmer ones will create a lot more space at ground level.

Convert Your Loft –

Loft conversions are a very popular form of home improvement and are the least invasive form of physical extension to your home. The size and style of your loft conversion will depend on your budget, the type of house you live in and how much space you are looking for. Loft conversions generally don’t require planning permission although this may be needed in certain circumstances like if you overlook a public highway.

A stylish conversion will add value to your home as well as creating a whole extra room that can be used for a variety of functions. Costs will vary depending on what style of conversion you go for and where in the country you live e.g. London conversions are likely to set you back more than loft conversions in Bristol.

Building Or Knocking Down Walls –

If you want to create more free space then knocking down a dividing wall could be an option whereas if you need an extra room then you may want to look at putting up a partitioning wall. Be aware though that neither of these options is as simple as just knocking down or building up a wall. You also have to take into account the repositioning of windows and doors and whether the wall you are knocking down is vital to the integral structure of the house.

Turning one large room into two small ones or vice versa is a great way to achieve extra space without extending the building as a whole. It is largely cost effective but there may be awkward tasks involved such as rerouting electric or plumbing.

Have A Focal Point For Each Room –

Sometimes rooms can become cluttered and appear full because of all the furniture you decide to have in them and so a good way of creating space is to restrict yourself to one main piece of furniture in each room. In most rooms this will be obvious like the bed in the bedroom or the table in the dining room, but in others you may end up with multiple pieces of furniture as you struggle to find a focal point. Stick to one main item and build efficiently around it.

Chris Mayhew is looking into ways to create more space in his home. He is working for MPK Lofts who provide quality loft conversions in the Bristol and Bath area.