How To Deal With The Most Popular Thing That Ruins Vacations

Me and my family aren’t really too much into the vacation scene. I am actually from India and this isn’t being racist or anything, Indians don’t really like to take a chill-pill. Is that still cool to say? Probably not. In all seriousness, my dad was always working and my mom never spent any money or even wanted to go places. Even me and my “americanized” sister took this trait upon our selves. Here I am in my 20’s and I’m still not a big fan of vacations. I have been on a few in my time and there is always ways to deal with it, here are some of the ways we can roll with the punches.

Being Under The Weather

This seems like a “duh” but I assure you in the heat of the moment, you won’t really think its a big deal. Planning a vacation takes at least a couple weeks to months of time making sure everything is aligned. For the adults it’s making sure that they have off work, for the kids it’s making them… want to go. So when the time comes and you find yourself under the weather, the best coarse of action is to either leave that person behind or not go at all. It seems a bit drastic but what’s even more drastic is going to a vacation with a sick person, and then everyone else getting sick and then you hate that person. Things can escalate pretty quickly. We all find out how much we do not like each other when someone is sick. When it comes to canceling the trip in general or going with out that person, you want to go ahead and do the following things in this order:


  1. Call the transportation & hotels to see if you can either get a partial refund or even a full discount. Threaten to give them a bad review or talk to a manager. People might hate this, but seriously… They do not loose any money when you cancel. They say they do, but they really do not. I worked at a hotel and know how this works. They actually make more money when people cancel. So fight with them to get all your money back.
  2. Call work to let them know you are available to work. Hopefully you get the money back from the vacation and tell your job that if they actually need you back, you are available, but if they got the coverage they were going to get, then you can just use the money you just got back to sustain yourself for a week of staying at home. Make it a “staycation”.
  3. Try not to be mad at the person thats sick. Seriously this isn’t their fault at all. The worst feeling is being physically sick. So for you to come down on them for being sick, you aren’t going to make it any better on their part.
  4. If you do end up going with out the person and you’re leaving them home alone, make sure you arm your home with some of the multiple home security systems available out there. Even some apps allow for monitoring and setting it whether you are away from your home or not. There are even some things you might want to check up on while you are gone, and the app can do that. It allows the paranoid family members (most likely the mothers) to check their home to make sure that everything is in order for when they get back using surveillance technologies.