How To Fold Your Baby’s Cloth Diaper

Welcoming a newborn baby into the world can be one of life’s greatest joys- just ask any parent. When you hold that little angel in your arms, your whole life will change and things will never be the same.

Everything will be worth it – all the nights of sleep deprivation and yes, even the troublesome procedure of putting your baby’s cloth diaper on just right. Make the tips below your go-to guide for how to fold your baby’s cloth diaper the right way.

Purchase The Right Type of Cloth Diaper

Today’s market is flooded with every single type of diaper you can imagine and it’s very easy for new parents to find themselves completely and utterly confused. But fear not, the types of cloth diapers that are most commonly used are:

Fold Your Baby's Cloth Diaper

  • Pre-fold: These cloth diapers are rectangular shaped and can be divided into three sections lengthwise. They can have velcro strips for closing, or be the snap fastened kind. You can also ensure that they do not open up accidentally by using special baby safety pins.
  • Fitted: These cloth diapers look like disposable diapers. You can fasten them with the help of the Velcro strips attached to the diaper or just buy the snap fastening kind.
  • Pocket: These cloth diapers consist of an outer layer which is waterproof, a special stay-dry layer inside and a soaker that can be inserted into a pocket-like opening.
  • All-in-one: This type of cloth diaper basically has the best of both worlds. It is like a fitted diaper and it also consists of a special outer layer that is basically waterproof

Methods To Fold A Cloth Diaper

Here are five methods which are easy to learn. Try them all and settle on the one you find most effective and efficient.

  1. Standard Diaper Fold: This is also known as the trifold method. Take a diaper out of the bag, place it on a flat surface- in the shape of a vertical rectangle. Fold the lower left corner diagonally- approximately one third of the way. Do not move the upper left corner. Then, copy the same step on the lower right corner. Basically, you should have two overlapping folds at the lower center of the diaper. Then, the bottom should be folded about a third of the way up in order to get a 6-ply diaper thickness.
  2. Terry Square Diaper Fold: Take a rectangular shaped cloth and fold it halfway to make a square. Ensure that the folded side is at the bottom. Fold the left and right corners of the lower area diagonally. This should result in a triangle bottom. Move this point to the center. Make the right and left sides meet in the middle. Put the baby on the diaper and fold the bottom up. Then, move the right and left corners to the center and fasten it securely with special diaper pins.
  3. Angel Wings Fold: Place the diaper on the table like a vertical rectangle and fold it into thirds, overlapping the right and left sides at the center. Move the bottom a quarter of the way to the top. Form two wings by fanning open the top. Place the baby on the diaper and bring the bottom up so that it is between the baby’s legs. Push the two wings to the front and fasten securely.
  4. Navel Defense Diaper Fold: Place the diaper on the table horizontally and make sure that the sides overlap in the center. Move the bottom towards the upper portion approximately one fifth of the way. Flare the upper portion. Put the diaper under the baby and bring the bottom up so that it is between the baby’s legs. Fold the sides and secure.
  5. Triangle Diaper Fold: Make the diaper into a triangle. Ensure that the arrow shaped end points towards you. All three tips of the triangle should be pulled inward and pinned at the center where they overlap.

Before buying a particular type of cloth diaper in bulk, ensure that your baby finds them comfortable and that they do not cause any harmful after effects like rashes. Also, practice the diaper folding methods before your baby comes along to ensure that there are no mess-ups later on.