How To Get Rid of Hunger Pangs

Everyone wants to go on a diet to keep good health and a great body. One distraction however, seems to thwart their efforts at all times, hunger pangs. Hunger pangs actually make it very hard for dieters to keep away from food. This has made many fail in their dieting attempts as the eating drags them back in their dieting efforts.

It is quite ironical that too much eating is a cause for hunger pangs. When someone partakes large quantities of food, this clears up after digestion and the hunger pang that comes along is quite heavy than what one has to face. What everyone needs to keep in mind is that moderate eating is beneficial to a healthy living and healthy eating. As time passes by, hunger pangs die down. This makes both controlled eating as well as lapse of time quick methods of controlling hunger pangs. Below are tips on getting rid of hunger pangs

How to Get Rid of Hunger Pangs

  1. Drinking plenty of water is a way to get rid of hunger pangs. The human body has the ability to mistake thirst for hunger pangs. Taking water then waiting for time to pass by to see if you will still experience the hunger pangs is a quick and simple process. The waiting time can be approximately 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Take light exercise, as it is a means to let hunger pangs pass. Taking a walk or a jog is a perfect example of light exercise. At this time, the body shifts its attention to the exercise going on rather than putting an emphasis on the hunger pangs thus letting time move by.
  3. Eating sufficient calories on a day is another remedy. You can keep a track on this by making a count on the calories that you eat on a day and ensure to keep a routine of the same. Keeping your calorie need of 5 to 700 within the diet depending on your regular intake is safe. Avoiding severe calorie deficit will help you win a war against hunger pangs.
  4. Nibbling greens when experiencing hunger pangs is a remedy to get rid of the condition. These are low on calories while satisfying the hunger feeling. There are also vegetable drinks that are low in calories while being satisfying giving the body a feeling that you have eaten.
  5. Eat sufficient amounts of protein in your diet. This will kill back the hunger pang feeling. A diet without sufficient proteins brings in plenty of hunger pangs on an individual.
  6. Taking in fiber-filled diet like psyllium husks helps an individual in killing hunger pangs. The component expands while in the stomach when it is mixed with water thus eliminating the hunger feeling.

It is good to realize that hunger pangs are good as they can let you know when you are losing weight. If you do not want to put up with the feeling, then you can always distract yourself to keep your mind busy on other things rather than focus on the hunger pangs.