How To Get Rid of Plastic Bottles

Over 40 billion dollars a year are spent on bottled beverages. This leads to massive accumulation that is very hard to control. Sadly enough, over two-thirds of these end up in landfills, and therefore people are in certain of a better way to get rid of plastic bottles.

The Obvious Answer

If you have no additional use for a plastic bottle you are advised to recycle it. This is much better than throwing it in the garbage because the plastic will be processed and formed to make a new item.

Recycling is better than disposing in the garbage. However, you could also reuse the bottles.

Here are some common ways that plastic bottles are reused in or around homes (or at work):

  • It always makes a great water or beverage container. The ones with a drinking spout are especially ideal for this purpose. You can use it outside to quench your thirst when working on the yard or garden. You also can leave it in your car or even take a beverage to work in it.

Turn it into an air freshener. All you need to do is cut the top of the bottle off. Then, fill the bottom with potpourri chips or dried flower petals.

To make it more attractive you can cover it with silk, lace, or other decorative material that easily allows air to breath through it. You might consider dousing some of the potpourri or petals with fresh essential oil to make the scent even stronger.

  • Fill it with water and use it as an ice pack. This should save you at least a few dollars on your camping budget. What is most great is that it stays sealed like an ice pack does and does not drip all over your food.
  • Use it as a sandbag. Any time you need an anchor you can create one using just filling empty bottles with sand. They fit nice in the trunk of your car or they could be used to weight down larger flower or plant pots when transplanting.
  • Make decorative containers out of them. Using a variety of materials such as paint, glue, stickers, markers, beads, gems, and more you can make some award-winning crafts using water bottles. Maybe you can make flower vases or you can cut off the top and use it as a toothbrush or pencil holder.
  • Use it as a funnel. The only requirement is that the top of the bottle where the liquid comes out fits in the basin or container where you want to dispense fuel, cooking oil, etc. Just cut off the top of the bottle and turn it upside down. It works great.
  • Make a planter out of it. This is a great way to start out a seed that you would later plant in the garden. Just cut up off the bottom of the bottle and fill it with sand. Then add some water and seed.

Tape the top of the bottle back on and keep it in a warm place. When the seeds germinate and grow you can transfer the seedling to the garden or a larger pot or container.