How To Keep Your New Home Safe

Moving is stressful – that’s a given. But that means that it can be easy to overlook some of the security essentials when you move into a new home. While you’re looking forward to the fun, don’t forget to protect your new property against fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and security methods designed to deter burglars.

Complete the simple work first

There are range of simple activities you can complete before you move into your property if it is a new build, or on the day you move in and before you unpack, to help ensure your family’s safety and security.

You should install carbon monoxide detectors, upstairs and downstairs and most importantly in your kitchen area as these will detect any potential carbon monoxide poisoning threats and alert you instantly.

Is somebody still living there

Smoke alarms can instantly save lives. Where you purchase an older property and neglect to have the electrical wiring checked for efficiency, the potential for fire is a real possibility. Installing smoke alarms on each floor of your building and also close to your kitchen will provide you with enough time for your family to vacate the property in the event of a dangerous fire or give you enough time to put out a small fire before the fire services are called out.

Where smoke alarms already exist in the property that you have just moved into, it makes sense to replace the batteries the day you move in, and test the alarm before you settle down for your first night’s sleep.

Managing your emergency escape plan

With your previous property, if you need to leave in an emergency, your whole family will automatically know which route or alternative route you could take. That’s not the case in your new home. Although your children would probably prefer you to set up the television and video games first, in your new home, it makes sense to walk your family through an emergency escape plan, with alternatives, in the event of a crisis. When everyone knows the locations of fire extinguishers, fire blankets and your meeting point should you need to evacuate your home, you will all sleep more soundly.

Setting up your security alarm system

If you are lucky enough to move into a property that has a security alarm system already installed, it is essential that all of your family members know how to set and unset the alarm system from your first day in the property. Efficient burglars may understand that you have just moved into your new home and they might plan their first visit after seeing the property empty or watching you move in. And although you might not manage it on the first day, the sooner you can set up a system for making sure the house is locked up and join you local neighbourhood watch scheme, the sooner you can be sure that your family is safe.