How To Make Your Living Room Chic

As is reflected in the name, your living room is the part of your house where you spend maximum part of your day and do most of your activities. This is usually the first place looked upon by the home decorators while refurbishing your home. Being the heart of your home, your living room should be designed in a way to replicate your tastes and vision about life.

Below are some useful and impressive suggestions to make your living room chic in the most effective ways.

Tips for a Trendy and Modish Living Room

Living rooms are meant to relax and spend the leisure time with family and friends. Making small changes after a period of time helps to get a fresh feel, thus rejuvenating your moods as well. It is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money to make it look chic and modish. This can be done even with the slightest of changes done for good.

This post includes tips and suggestions both for luxurious as well as cost effective ways to not only make your living room trendy and attractive but comfortable as well.

living room

If you want your living room to look expensive and luxurious, check out the following tips:

1. Make it Simple

An over-accessorized and cluttered space would provide a disorganized and messy look rather than making it trendy and sophisticated. Limit your collection to things with emotional value or the ones that have strong memories associated with them.

2. Camouflage your TV

Placing a big black LED TV, front and centre, provides the feel of sophisticated luxury to your living room. If this is going out of your budget, you can place a simple black TV surrounded with a photo gallery created on the wall. This would distract the visitors’ attention and make them focus on the attractive photos on the wall.

3. Interesting Textiles

Use antique or classic fabric to design cushion covers, throw pillows or upholstered stools to give your living room a traditional and rich look to your living room. Use of unusual textiles adds the element of uniqueness besides personalizing your space.

4. Add a Sculptural Piece

Adding a sculptural piece with a unique silhouette or attention-grabbing shapes can add the wow factor to your living room. Some good examples include a unique side chair and a tree root coffee table to make your living room chic.

5. Add a Historic Piece

This is another good option to add the uniqueness to your living room. This can be any antique decorative piece, like an antique mirror, or any other accessory that can be counted as an antique.

6. Mix and match textures

You can add a luxurious and custom-designed look with a layered and thoughtful blend of textures and materials to provide a luxurious and customized look. For example, you can mix glass, metals, wood, leather stuff, as well as varied textiles for a dynamic living room.

Well, if you find the above suggestions to exceed your budget, here are some cost effective and economical ways to get a trendy living room. Take a look.

7. Re-arrange Furniture

Move around your furniture to redefine the space of your living room. This would provide a fresh look to the space.

8. Use Books

Besides being useful, books can also be used as beautiful decorative stuff that can be equally affordable. A book stack works by adding the required colours and acting as space fillers. Moreover, they also replace expensive accessories in a cost effective way.

9. Include Plants

Greenery is probably the best option to add life and warmth to any space. Furthermore, lush indoor plants make a room look elegant. You can get indoor plants to your living room to make it look environment-friendly.

10. DIY Decoration

DIY projects are the most inexpensive ways of decorating a space. These projects not only provide a good feeling but also reflect your creativity. It can be anything like a hand-crafted doll using waste material or just a no-sew pillow.

Additional Tip – Painting

A nice and large painting looks good in every living room. It is, however, not necessary to get an expensive one from the market. You can make a nice painting at home, all by yourself, to save money. Doing this would also provide a personalized touch to your living room and give it a trendy and chic ambience.