How To Prevent Your Basement From Flooding

Regardless of the time of year, a flooded basement is one of the more unsettling things that can happen to your home. This is especially true if you’ve put a great deal of effort and money into making it the ideal rec room, extra bedrooms or general family space.

Basically, if you have a basement water proofing then the potential is there for it to flood. No matter what you do, you can never prevent basement flooding 100 percent. However, you can take certain measures that will help you to lower the risk and keep water out of your basement, even when the potential is there.

Guide Water Away

Before the water accumulates and floods your basement, try to find ways to guide it away from the property. That way, when it rains hard you won’t have to worry about the flooding aspect. You can accomplish this by extending the rain gutter down spouts and by cleaning out the gutters each spring and after the leaves come down in the fall. If the gutters are clogged up, the rain water will drain against your foundation, which increases the likelihood of a basement flood.

basement flood

What Happens During the Storm?

Each property has its unique characteristics, so it’s usually wise to get out there and walk around your house during a storm to see how the water collects naturally. It might seem logical for it to drain away, but then when you get out there you may find that it collects in certain areas right next to the foundation. If necessary, contact a landscaper to regrade the yard so surface water flows away.

In Case of Emergency

In emergency situations, an automatic sump pump can come in awfully handy to prevent a basement flood. If the tank of the sump pump has an opening in its lid, the pump will mimic a big floor drain and help keep flooding at bay. Installing a back up sump pump will provide you with even more defense against flooding, on the off-chance that the primary pump fails.


Don’t Forget Insurance

If you feel as though the potential for basement flooding is there, make a point of adding flood insurance to your existing policy. You can also get a warning system added onto your home security system, so you’re alerted if water levels get to a certain point. These elements are a good idea if you spend a lot of time away from home, but live in an area that gets it share of storms.

Help Yourself Out

You can also help yourself even more by speaking with your municipality, attending community meetings and understanding your responsibilities as a homeowner as they pertain to basement flooding. By understanding the risks and taking the appropriate actions throughout the year, you can probably avoid having a sewer in your nice basement.

If nature decides that your basement is going to flood despite your best efforts, don’t waste any time calling in experts to tackle the aftermath. You may even want to shop around a little when you don’t need someone, so if the need does arise you’ll know exactly where to go for the help you need.