How To Remodel Your Bedroom – Harmonius Ways

Feng shui means wind and water respectively. Using this form of design is believed to balance a space’s energies and ensure that those in it have good fortune and health. Bad fengshui is thought to bring misfortune. This belief goes back 3,000 years and originated in China. Using this in the bedroom will make it nourishing and calm. It promotes restful sleep and will be seen as a place of rest and relaxation.

Move Non-Sleeping Items Out

Items like exercise equipment and televisions should be moved out of the bedroom. These quickly kill any fengshui your bedroom would otherwise have. When we see exercise equipment, we think movement and activity. This removes the calmness and tranquility in the room. Televisions can prevent sleep from occurring, or interrupt sleep when it does come.

Keep the Air Rich in Oxygen

Air quality in the bedroom is critical to good fengshui, as it cannot be good if the air is pollutant-rich and stale. Good air quality can be achieved by opening windows when the weather permits or by using a good air-purifier. Many people turn to plants and this actually goes against fengshui unless you have a very large bedroom and the plants are located far away from your bed.

Have Different Degrees of Lighting

Light is seen as the primary nutrient and one of the most powerful energy manifestations. The best type of fengshui lighting is candles, but these must contain no toxins. Other lights can be used too, but must be at the appropriate level. The best way to accomplish this is with a dimmer switch. When using normal lights, they should put off the brightness that is expected from candles. The glow should be deep and ambient.

Remodel Your Bedroom

Candles are believed to promote the best energy flow, sexual healing and the most restorative sleep. Candles should be chosen that are skin tone in color. This ranges from pale white to a rich brown. Other decorative items should also follow this color scheme.

Lights should never be placed above the bed, but can be put next to the bed.

Choosing the Right Images

When choosing images and art work, these should represent things that you want in your life. Photos with people that are happy and smiling, meaningful sayings and bright images will bring these things into your life. Pictures that depict sadness and loneliness are believed to bring these into your life, so choose wisely.

Placing the Bed

The bed should be able to be approached from each side without obstacles or issue. Each side should have its own bedside table. The bedside tables should be low to the ground.

Items that are taller than the bed must be placed to the left of it. This includes furniture pieces such as dressers and shelving.

The bed and the door should not be in direct line with each other. The bed should also not be placed next to a window. The bed should be well-balanced and look good. A solid headboard, good mattress and high-quality, natural fiber sheets are essential for harmonious energy.

Any mirrors in the room should not be opposite the window, door or your bed. When placed in an energy path, the energy will gain more intensity as it is bounced back.

Doors in the Bedroom

When you are ready to go to bed at night, all doors should be closed. This includes the door leading out of the bedroom, the closet door and the bathroom door if there is one. The closet should be well-organized and clean even though the door should remain closed. A clean and organized space brings with it calmness and peace.

About the Author: Michelle Lim has been writing about designer bedding for this website for years. When she’s not spending her time writing, she enjoys shopping and going on vacations with her boyfriend.