Restroom Cleaning 101: Keeping the Workplace Bathroom Squeaky Clean

Keeping the restroom clean should be a priority for any business. The restroom says a lot about a company. People tend to see a clean and well-looked after restroom as a symbol that the business has the same approach to everything.

Restroom Cleaning

In contrast, dirty restrooms create feelings that the company doesn’t look after its employees or customers, they are more interested in creating profits. Of course, a dirty bathroom also means that users are more likely to be exposed to diseases, a particularly relevant concern during a global pandemic.

That’s why you need to have a good understanding of what’s necessary to keep your restroom looking squeaky clean:

Provide Bins

If your customers are using the bathrooms they’ll have rubbish to dispose of. This may be sanitary products, general waste, or even the paper towels they used to dry their hands. You need to use a reputable supply of sanitary bins Sydney to ensure you’ve got the necessary bins.

This will stop waste appearing on the floor between cleans.

Schedule Cleaning

A bathroom will start to look dirty if it’s been used by lots of people and no cleaning is done between customers. It’s impossible to go into the bathroom between every customer. However, you can create a schedule that ensures the bathroom is inspected and cleaned at set times of the day.

The schedule should be in the bathroom and signed when an inspection is done.

This doesn’t just ensure the bathroom is clean, it tells your customers you’re looking after it.

Cleaning Routine

You need a fast and simple routine to clean the bathroom, this causes minimal of disruption and keeps it looking great. The key is to have a good disinfectant spray and plenty of clean cloths. This will help to ensure there is no cross-contamination and that all surfaces are disinfected and wiped dry.

Your cleaners need to wear gloves to protect themselves and they’ll need to give the floor a quick mop, again with a disinfectant. This ensures the bathroom doesn’t just look clean, it actually is clean.

They should also remember to empty all bins on each visit, this is the simplest way to show the bathroom is cared for.


Wherever possible you should consider using automated products. This is things like sensor-controlled taps and soap dispensers. It will minimize contact with surfaces in the bathroom and help to prevent the excess product from being dumped on the sides or floor.

Of course, the soap dispenser and toilet roll holders will need to be checked and restocked every time the bathroom is inspected.

Deep Cleaning

It’s not possible to deep clean the bathroom every time you go in. However, it should be done at least once a day, ideally at the end of the day ready for the next day’s usage.

Deep cleaning means going over the entire bathroom. You’ll want to dust the ceilings, corners, fans, frames, and any other surface you can find. The toilets should be scrubbed inside and out and the floors can be cleaned with machines, ensuring all dirt and bacteria are removed and the floors are left shiny. You’ll want to feel like you could eat your dinner off any surface in the bathroom. You don’t need to actually do this!

It’s also necessary to keep on top of any repairs as this will help to ensure the bathroom looks its best.

Don’t forget, a good deep clean every evening will make the scheduled daily cleans very simple and easy, helping to ensure your bathroom always looks squeaky clean.

Final Thoughts

While a perfectly spotless bathroom is a delight, customers are generally realistic and small issues can be overlooked. This is providing the bathroom appears to be well cared for. The easiest way to show this is the case is to have a schedule and visit regularly, wiping the key spots and checking the bathroom looks clean.

Although providing a bathroom is often a nice gesture on the part of the business, if you’re going to offer bathroom facilities they need to be good. Dirty bathrooms will negatively affect your reputation and can cost you customers. That’s not a good thing.