How Internet of Things Can Be Useful In School Transportation

Nowadays, you hear the technology experts talking about the IoT- Internet of Things quite often. However, it is still in the early days and the impact of IoT on human life is yet to be felt in a major way. Its effect is not limited to using a fridge that can alert you input vegetables to be bought or a TV that lets you play online games! Internet of Things has the potential to simplify lives greatly and save times in daily chores. Besides, IoT when used properly can also resolve safety and security issues people face. It can be used to resolve school transportation related woes- which brings relief for students, parents and school administrations.

Internet of Things Technology For School Bus

Issues Related To School Transport That Worry Parents And School Authorities

Both parents and school administrations remain worried about certain issues related to school transport:

  • Timely arrival and departure of school buses.
  • Incidents of bullying taking place during transition the bus.
  • The professionalism and activities of bus driver.
  • Traffic congestion related issues and resultant delays.
  • Freak accidents that take place during transit.

How IoT Can Be Used To Resolve School Transport Loopholes/Woes

Implementing IoT services in proper and planned ways can help school authorities overcome school transport related problems. Below listed are the ways this can be done:

  1. First of all, the parents can get updates on the position of the school bus at all times. So, they need not worry about delay in reaching the school or home for their kids. The school authorities can also track the position of buses through GPS and specific apps at all times. Sometimes, buses do get stuck up in traffic- leading to delays in either reaching home or school. This can make any parent worried. With real time traffic updates and positioning of the bus being monitored- this will not be an issue.
  2. The safety issue is a major concern for parents of school going children. With IoT enabled school buses, the woes mostly vanish into thin air. Rare instances of erring drivers deviating from routes have been heard. Now, school authorities and parents can figure out if a driver is deviating from the recommended route. Such a driver can be tracked and penalized. The instances of a driver crossing speed limits can also be tracked through the deployment of advanced sensors in the bus.
  3. It becomes easier for school authorities to keep monitoring what is going inside the school bus when it is on the road. The buses fitted with high resolution CCTV cameras make it easier for authorities to see the inside at all times. This can prevent the students from getting into scuffles with each other- which may sometimes happen- more so in the teens. Since these buses will be equipped with external cameras, the risk of collision can also be reduced to a large extent. The live feed will let everyone know what exactly happened in cases of fights or similar problems.
  4. With state of the art voice calling devices and internet telephony, the driver can alert the school authorities about any emergency situation cropping up. It can be useful in case a student falls ill and requires immediate medical intervention or hospitalization. The parents can also be informed right away and the school authorities will face reduced risk of getting involved in a blame game.
  5. Deployment of IoT in school transport also helps everyone involved in saving lots of time. Parents will be spared from making phone calls and the same can be said about the students. Since both the authorities and parents will get details of vehicular movement, timing and location etc- they can stay relaxed and focus on their work better.
  6. Apart from the safety issues, the implementation of IoT services in school bus can prove to be advantageous for the students. The Bus will be web access enabled and this helps the students surf the web in a safe manner on their way to school and back. This can eventually help them save time in doing reference work on the way. They can also communicate with parents if any need arises.

Summing It All Up

Eventually, deploying IoT in school transport brings diverse benefits for everyone- be it students, parent and schools. Parents get relief from anxieties, fears and uncertainties involved with the process. The school management heaves a sigh of relief since it has every type of record and digital evidence to remain clear. Even for the students, the situation becomes advantageous. IoT implementation can eradicate options for errant ones- whether it is a rogue driver or bullying students. It also reduces the scope for lack of communication, time wastage, accidents, and blame games. School commuting will become simpler and better for students in the long run.