How Mobile Broadband Simplified Our Life

There is simply no way you can deny how advent and evolution of the internet has changed human lives! The web has become the major source for a lot of needs in everyone’s life. From education to entertainment and even shopping, you use the web for every needs, all the while. Have you thought how all these would be excruciatingly tough, had it not been for mobile broadband! Initially the web was accessed through landline phone and fixed line connections. It was only a few years back that wireless broadband technology evolved and made inroads into the mass like never before.

Mobile Broadband

The Importance of Mobile Broadband

Not long ago, accessing high speed internet on the move was more of a concept for the majority of people. Attaching the cell phone to laptop and accessing the web through it was a painstakingly slow experience! You would have to wait for minutes before a web page rendered completely and loading media heavy sites was even more miserable.

All these seem to be a worry of a distant past, thanks to the blazing fast wireless broadband connectivity options. Now, you can access the internet using either laptop or smartphone at really fast speeds and enjoying YouTube minus buffering is no longer a dream.

This has been made possible by tremendous advances in mobile technology. The advent of faster cellular technologies like 3G and 4G LTE has made it possible. Nowadays, people with needs to access web on the move either use smartphones that support those networks or use USB dongles equipped with HSDPA broadband wireless technology. Companies like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T sell such wireless broadband modems.

Advantages Offered By Wireless Broadband Technology And Devices

The wireless broadband devices offer you a number of advantages:

  • First of all, they liberate you from the hassle of using wires, be it inside the home or outside. All you need to do is plug in the dongle in a USB port in your laptop or desktop, run the software and connect to the web. It takes a short time. The dongles also need a 3G or 4G SIM card like your smartphone.
  • The mobile broadband technology equipped phones can also be used to connect to the web. You need not stick to the USB cable and using the Wifi technology present in both the PC and phone is handier.
  • With time, the speed of mobile broadband for web access is improving. Latest 4G LTE modems and smartphones offer super-fast download and web access speed.
  • In most countries, using a mobile broadband dongle or phone is a better solution than relying on public wifi hotspots. The cellular companies have improved their coverage in recent years and you get better coverage and speed while you are outside. In any case, it requires little or no configuration.The opposite is true with users accessing wifi networks.

Mind The Limitations

Mobile Broadband Simplified Our Life

While mobile broadband technology offers you a number of notable benefits, it is not exactly perfect. There are a few drawbacks of the technology and devices based on it that you should be aware of.

  • Data capping– Most cellular network providers offering mobile broadband network and devices offer various data packages. Not all such packs let you access the web unlimited at high speeds. After you touch a limit, which can be 5 or 10 GB, the speed will be reduced. It will be restored in the next month and until that you have to live with slower speed.
  • Cost– While you can find some true unlimited mobile broadband data packs, they are not likely to come cheap! You may recharge more than once a month but again that is not light on your wallet.
  • Variable speed- You will get uniform speed from Mobile broadband dongles when you are outside if you are sitting at a place. However, those accessing the web in a fast moving vehicle will find data speed and network coverage fluctuating.

Summing It Up

The few drawbacks notwithstanding, you cannot overlook the advantages offered by mobile broadband technology. Moreover, you can compare services of various service providers and then take your pick. With time, the data access rates are nosediving whereas access speed and coverage is improving. So, Mobile broadband remains as one of the top and viable web access options.