How Smart Is The Apple Watch

With time, technology is sneaking into all aspects of human life and it has become near impossible to resist the intrusion! Another noteworthy trait is gadgets and tech appliances becoming smaller at an insane pace. From laptops to TVs, everything is getting leaner, thinner and minimalistic. The wave of wearables- devices that are set to replace your regular wristwatch is a curious case! They are definitely yet to be embraced by the mass, but the future may be different. With technology giants like Samsung, LG and Microsoft joining the bandwagon- how can Apple be behind?

Apple watch

Apple Watch: The Big Daddy of Wearables?

For those who want the very best in technology and gadgets, Apple remains the choice. While Motorola made a splash in the segment with its lovely Moto 360 smartwatch and others followed, Apple’s unveiling of its own smartwatch also sets waves in tech circles. With the much waited Apple Watch less than a month away to hit the stores it may be worthwhile for technology lovers to analyse how smart it is and how the device stacks up to main rivals!

Smart Pricing Strategy

Apple products have always been appealing to a niche section of buyers- wealthy lot who want the topmost stuff in technology! However, examples of Apple loyalists spending their savings to buy latest Apple products are also there. For its Smartwatch Apple has adopted unique pricing strategy. The entry level device aka Apple Watch Sport costs $349 –on par with rival android smartwatches and the premium Apple Watch Edition can cost a whopping $17000! This essentially lets Cupertino giant cover a wide spectrum of the market instead of sticking to its niche.

Meant for Apple users

You cannot use the Apple Watch without an iPhone! It lacks a cellular connection. So, a lot of the device’s functionality depends on iPhone. However, a few rivals like LG Watch Urbane LTE and Samsung’s Gear S race head of Apple’s device, others are on the same level. The exclusion of GPS is quite disappointing which the Gear S has.


Apple has its own unique design philosophy and simplicity and ease of use matters over stylishness. There is no denying the appeal of Moto 360 or Sony’s device, but Apple has opted for a rectangular face. The logic is simple- Apple does not want to waste space on the face, which is small anyway. However, rivals with neatly designed square face are there- one example being the Asus Zenwatch.

Oodles of Apps

This is one area where rivals need to catch up. Apple Watch can be used to do a lot of things as has been demonstrated at the recently held Apple event. Already a whopping number of useful apps are there for it and more will be unveiled when it goes on sale. Android smartwatch app development has been slower to take off owing to slow adoption rate.

Apple Pay: Smart and quick payments

Apple has integrated Apple Pay in its smartwatch. This enables you to make payments with just a single tap of the wrist at compatible outlets. Granted, some Android rivals feature NFC wireless technology for hassle free wireless payments, but the payment platform is not wide. Samsung is developing Samsung Pay service, but there is no NFC in Gear S.

Battery life and Customization

While in battery life rivals like Sony take a clear lead over the Apple Watch, in customization they cannot cope up. The controls are smarter on the Apple Watch and gestures are included to be of use in real world situations. Apple says its watch can also handle notifications better than rivals and evades repetitions.

Summing it up

So, is the Apple Watch is smarter than Android rivals? It is, actually, in some key usability areas including gestures. The wide collection of ready apps is another advantage. However, dependence on the iPhone can limit its potential. Ultimately, the choice is yours- with factors like usage needs, existing gadgets and budget playing pivotal roles.