How Technology Helps To Maintain Long Distance Relationship

Cupid has strange ways of working in people’s hearts. People fall in love when they least expect it and with candidates least likely at times! While there are many barriers that every couple needs to overcome, distance can be a tough one. In spite of that, people opt for long distance relationships at times. One of the couples living in Delhi and the would-be-spouse working in Bengaluru is not uncommon any longer.

Sometimes, people even fall for someone living in a different country. While distance can be a tough hurdle in such relationships, technology can be used in numerous ways to overcome that hurdle.

6 Top And Effective Ways To Use Technology To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work:

1. Telephones and Mobile


The prices of STD and ISD calls fell steadily over the last few years. This means you will not end up burning a huge hole in your pocket even if you talk with your boyfriend or girlfriend quite regularly who stays far away.

2. Messaging

Mobile messaging

Mobile messaging has also got cheaper with time and many couples in long distance relationships send a few messages everyday to wish their beloved. With emoticons these messages can be made even nicer.

3. Video Chat

Video Chat

VoIP is a wonderful technology that lets you see the person you are interacting with live. You can talk, hear what the other person is saying and it does give a more immersive interactive experience. Skype is the most popular service in this regard and there are some others. You can use both PCs and Smartphones to use these services.

4. Social Media

Social Media

The advent of social media has changed the way people interact and couples in long distance relationships can also avail its benefits. For sharing updates and events in life with the loved one, services like Facebook and Instagram are absolutely handy. It is also possible to grant exclusive right to access and see updates to the special person in your life in the profiles. With Whatsapp, you can share voice recording, messages, videos and call with the person you love.

5. Apps


While you ultimately rely on the web to interact with your beloved staying in a faraway place, it is necessary to use a desktop or laptop all the time. Your tablet or Smartphone can be used to find newer means to interact-through various apps! The app makers are coming up with innovative ways to introduce and touch and feel aspect in their services and products. Below listed are some innovative apps that can be used to add warmth to a long distance relationship.
Avocado is kind of a private social network, which can be used by couples without involving other people. It has some nice features like sending virtual kiss and hugs to the recipient. You can do so by using the Smartphone and app. Couple is another nice app that people in a long distance relationship can think of, using, with it, you can send a ThumbKiss to the beloved by using the same spot on the screen. It leads to a vibration in both devices. You can use a shared timeline and utilize its live sketch feature. Another useful app for such couples is Simply Us which has a shared calendar. Most of these apps are free, but availability can vary. Most are available on iOS and Android, but Windows phone users still have a tough luck!

6. Products

It is not just online services that can help two people living in different places feel closer. Innovative tech products can also be used for the same purpose. Some notable examples are Hug Shirt and Pillow Talk. The former is a t-shirt with sensors and technology embedded that uses Bluetooth to sync with Smartphone. It can be used to send a hug to the recipient who uses the same product. Pillow Talk, makes use of a wristband and receiver which need to be used by both users and then they can feel each other’s heartbeat. The TapTap bracelet relies on Smartphone apps and Bluetooth technology to let the partners feel each other’s touch through a tap on the bracelets. These devices make you depend less on a device or screen for interaction.