How To Boost Network Speeds At Home – DIY Tips

Most of the time when a person realizes their home internet speeds have plummeted, the first thing they do is seem out the best computer repair provider or go screaming at their network provider. Admittedly both of these options can help the situation, but more often than not it’s perfectly possible to take matters into your own hands and perhaps find out what the problem is yourself.

So if you’re facing that time-old headache of a network that seems have crapped-out on you, give the following a try and see what you can find out:

Try a Cable

The first step in the process is to establish whether the problem lies with your actual internet service itself, or your wireless router. This is easy to test out and involves just connecting your computer to the internet connection directly via a cable, rather than the usual wireless connection. If it still doesn’t appear to be running any better, chances are it has nothing to do with your router and is a problem with the service provision itself – in which case a call to the provider may be in order.


Conflicting Devices

You’d think they’d have overcome such problems by now, but sadly not. Depending on the type of router you use, where it’s positioned and what else you have around the home, it could be that other cordless devices are conflicting with your router. Cordless telephones are notorious for this, so if you thing this could be the problem try unplugging all other wireless devices for a while and see if this improves your speeds. If it does, you’ve found your problem.

Different Machines

If could always be that the problem lies with the computer itself and not the connection. Some computers have very poor Wi-Fi antennas and struggle to pick up signals while others are brilliant for the job. And likewise, generally slow or poor performing PCs don’t make very good use of faster internet connections and can make the connection seem slow. As such, it’s never a bad idea to try two or three different devices on the same network one at a time and see if there’s any real difference.

Password Changes

Every wondered how many other people around the area might be using your wireless connection without your permission and stealing your precious bandwidth? If you haven’t changed your passwords in a while, it could be quite a few to say the least as it’s never been easier to hack into home Wi-Fi networks and do a bit of free surfing at the expense of someone else.

Check Background Programs

Last but not least, take a good look into the programs and processes running in the background on your OS and see which of these might be gobbling up your internet connection without your permission or your knowledge. If anything is seen to be doing so, put an end to it and you could very well benefit from an immediate and sizable difference for the better.

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