How To Buy A Printer?

Unlike other electronic devices, buying a printer isn’t that easy- you can’t just pick up one that you like and be sure that it would work according to your needs. It is therefore, important to understand and assess your needs and then shortlist some printers that would work for you. Here is a quick guide that will help you follow the process of buying a printer that meets your needs perfectly, and that you can use wisely.

Understand your Needs

The first step to follow when it comes to purchasing a good printer is make a quick list of your printing needs- do you need it occasionally for some home work, or do you aim to use it on a daily basis? Do you deal with black and white copies or color photos? The kind of job that you need your printer to do is one of the best pointers towards effectively purchasing a printer that suits your requirement. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste some extra bucks on features that you probably won’t even use from your printer. If it is the first time you are purchasing a printer, you may also want to get some basic understanding about how printers work, especially the difference between Inkjet and Laser printers.


Inkjet printers– Inkjet printers make for the bulk of the market; you can print just about anything using these be it pie charts, essays or even glossy photos. On the downside, however, they tend to print things slower and text prints may not appear as sharp as in inkjet printers.

Laser printers- Laser printers are best in offices, where a large number of documents are to be printed in a relatively short period of time. However, they tend to be a tad bit expensive, which puts them on the no-no list if you’re looking to purchase a printer for occasional home use.

All-in-one printers– These printers combine the technology of both laser and inkjet printers in one- infact, it is actually a good choice for a home printer.

Do your Research

To put it lightly, there are tremendous options available in the market if you’re out looking for a printer. This is why, it is recommended that you do a quick research before purchasing the machine. The best way to do this is to check out online shopping websites and look for products that are under the most sold and popular category. If they’re selling fast, it is probably for a good reason. You can also post a quick question under forums and get some good suggestions regarding printers that you may want to purchase.

You can then shortlist some products based on their pricing and why you would prefer them. Also remember- don’t get tempted to purchase the product that has the lowest price.

Review It

Another effective way to make sure you have the best product for yourself if to check out its reviews on popular online shopping sites- most user reviews are honest and you’ll get a better idea about how the printer will work for you. Try to choose a product that has a good reputation online, and choose trusted brands that have been around for long. Also make sure that you have atleast a year of warranty available on the printer you purchase.

Check Out Deals

You may also want to get some good deals and discounts on your product, and you can do that by quickly searching for some coupon codes for the product you’re about to purchase. If you decide to purchase a printer online, you could also get some extra discounts and benefits.