How To Choose A Good Surround Sound System For Home

For a section of people, the default speakers on TV, computer or devices may suffice. However, for the seasoned users or audiophiles, pristine audio output is of utmost importance. It is the latter category of people who opt for home theatre setups or surround sound systems. It is only through such high end sound systems you can experience a truly immersive audio experience, while playing PC games or watching Hollywood flicks. The sound of a bullet whizzing past the protagonist’s ear on screen or nuances of each musical instrument in a band show can be felt when you use such sound systems at home!

 Sound System For Home

Choosing The Most Apt Surround Sound System

While using a sound sound speaker system for a home theatre setup sounds enticing it is no easy task by any means. There are so many models in the market that you may get baffled. The jargons and marketing gimmicks used by certain brands may make things even more tedious. Besides, you need to decide which one offers the best blend of price and performance.

Basics of Surround Sound

A Surround sound setup utilizes multiple speakers, each of which handles a specific audio channel. Thereby, such sound systems enable users to hear entire gamut of sound produced by anything, be it a car or a musical instrument. You can differentiate film music from dialogues and background sound. Ideally, you should opt for a 5.1 speaker setup- where there are 5 speakers and one subwoofer. High end systems deploy 7 speakers and one subwoofer. Of course, this means a whole lot of wires running through the room, but you cannot help that!

Aspects To Think of Before Buying A Surround Sound System

Before you invest in a surround sound setup, it is necessary to analyse a few relevant parameters carefully:

  • Room Size

This is a very important aspect that you cannot afford to overlook. Think of the square feet area the speakers have to fill. You can do some research online to find recommended models for your room’s size.

  • Subwoofer

Subwoofers are of prime importance when you buy a surround sound setup for your home. They produce the bass heavy sounds and you just cannot enjoy the thumping bass without quality subwoofer. On an average, a room with 2500 cubic feet area can be filled with a subwoofer that is 10 inch in size.

Placement of Speakers

This is a vital aspect of enjoying immersive surround sound at home. While you may place speakers around the room, ensure the subwoofer remains near the floor, maybe beneath the TV. Some people mount the speakers on the wall, but you may also use fitting speaker stands.

  • The Receiver

In every surround sound system, there is a receiver unit. This is a device, often rectangular with plenty of buttons and display, receives signal from TV and other sources. It also processes the sound signals and sends them to the speakers and subwoofers for output. Check for number of sound formats supported by the receiver, the ports it has and whether it has integrated FM radio, if that is of importance to you. Most of such setups use HDMI and important audio ports. You may also find receivers with Blu-ray players, and of course they will pinch the picket more!

Summing It Up

Ultimately, it all comes down to your audiophile quotient and budget. When buying a surround sound system, consider the gadgets and devices you already use. Think of format support and interoperability issues too. On the web, you can find plenty of useful resources on such setups and go through them before shopping.