How To Choose A Good Web Hosting Service?

Choosing a web hosting service for your website can be a daunting task, especially for a newbie. How do you decide if it is worth your money? Which web hosting service should you opt for? Does the bandwidth still matter? There may be a ton of questions buzzing in your mind. Keep reading to get your best ever checklist on how to choose a good, reliable web hosting service that is worth the buck.

There are several factors you must keep in mind before you decide to go for a web hosting service. Shortlisting those that meet your criteria under each of these could help you narrow down your choice and make decisions easily depending on your requirements.

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This is probably the most important aspect people tend to look for when choosing a web hosting service- however, this shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Jumping to the cheapest option isn’t really a good idea- you may want to set a budget and then pick up hosting plans that come well within the amount you’re willing to spend. You may also want to take a closer look at the different features provided under each option to get a better understanding of if you need those for your web hosting service or not.


By now, you must have a clear plan in mind as to what you’re about to host- is it a simple blog, an e-commerce site or a content rich website? Different websites have different requirements, and similarly, different hosting plans and providers have different limitations. At this point, you may even want to re-think on your budget- a cheap hosting plan probably won’t have the processing power and RAM that you require. Look up the limitations of every plan you’re taking under consideration and think over what works best for you.


Not many people know it, but yes, all web hosts are not right for all kinds of customers. Some may offer shared plans, but they may not be that good when it comes to growing businesses and companies. Some may be just right for a simple recipe blog, while others may be great for another particular area of expertise. All you must do is get a closer look at the one that seems to be close to what you’re looking for.


Some hosting companies also provide special add-ons and features, and you may obviously want to get hold of that extra bit of incentive. If there’s a particular provider that’s offering you a service bundled up with the web hosting plan that meets your needs, you may have the perfect thing!

Tech Support

This is the biggest consideration factor when it comes to choosing a web hosting plan, especially if you’re a newbie. You may want to have a good tech system to contact if your website goes down for any reason, or if you are experiencing trouble while setting up the website. It is a good idea to choose a provider that is staffed 24*7 and offers email, phone and chat support. You could also consider checking out some customer reviews for the provider you’re taking into consideration.

Control Panel

Installing WordPress, setting up FTP accounts and many other tasks that come bundled after you opt for a web hosting plan can be too much for a newbie to deal with. You may therefore, want to do a quick check about the user interface of the control panel of the web hosting provider you’re about to take a pick from. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time just figuring out how to do the basic stuff- would you?