How To Choose An Apt Video Editing Application For Your Needs

With video recording capability trickling into Smartphone, tablet and numerous portable devices, average computer users find it necessary to use video editing apps from time to time. Such apps are no longer limited to professional editing studios and film production setups. However, choosing a video editor is no easy task- given the abundance of choices. There are so many free and commercial video editing applications out there that you can feel baffled when it comes to selecting the right one!

Ways To Select Apt Video Editing Software

To select a suitable video editing app, you need to focus mainly on two aspects- your needs and budget. Your technical expertise and capability also plays a role behind the selection.

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Type of Software

First of all, you need to decide what type of video editing application you need. Broadly, there are two types- freeware and commercial video editors. For most home users who need to edit videos occasionally, apps like Apple iMovie and Windows Live Movie Maker prove to be adequate. You can edit your vacation video clips and create a nice clip for upload in Facebook and similar sites using such apps. However, users who need to use videos quite often and whose work involves handling media, should invest in commercial video editors.

In commercial video editors, you will find two types. The intermediate level apps like Adobe Premier Elements and Sony’s Vegas Studio offer more features compared to freeware video editors. They also offer users enhanced creative control. These apps also require you to have a powerful PC. High end video editors like Appleā€™s FCP and Adobe Premier Pro cost even more and they pack in serious power for seasoned video editors. They are used mostly by post production setups, film studios etc. These suites often offer integrated special effects software.

Ease of Usage

For editing videos and producing sleek looking output, it is necessary that your chosen video editor has a user friendly interface. You will find some video editing software that come with a basic and another advanced interface. Some apps come with a wizard that eases the video editing process. Ideally, you should look for an app that has customizable UI and tooltips to reduce the learning curve. Find out if the software supports capturing video from sources like a video camera or webcam, which is an added bliss.

Input And Output Formats

When buying a video editing application, input and output format support becomes an important parameter. Opt for an app that supports a wide range of input video formats. Some apps support analogue formats and latest HD file formats. You also need to check for support for web video formats.

Just like input, you also need to check for available output options when buying a video editor. Along with HD and web video formats, you also need to check for options for optical media output. Some video editors feature integrated disc burning module, allowing you to burn edited clips on DVD and Blu- Ray. Most video editors nowadays support formats like WMV, MP4, AVI and FLV. Some apps have excellent social media output embedded in their UI.

Eye Candy

To augment the quality of videos shot by your Smartphone or Handycam, you may feel like adding some effects. Thankfully, most video editors come loaded with special effects and filters to help users in this regard. You should buy an editor that comes with a decent set of transition, special effects and titling options. These apps also come with audio filters nowadays.

Help And Updates

When you invest in a video editing application, ensure it has decent help documentation. It is better if the documentation and support files are available both offline and online. Some companies also offer extensive online help for their customers like live chat and telephonic support. Their websites have online videos, tutorials and step by step guides as well. These resources are immensely helpful for new as well as seasoned users.

Similarly, video editing software may have some instability and bugs at times. Periodic updates and patches can help iron out such issues. Buy such apps from a company that offers patches and updates to help users improve their usage experience.