How To Choose The Best Parental Control Software

The web is replete with various types of traps and loopholes for inexperienced young minds! While you want your kids to access the internet for study and many other needs, you surely do not want them to fall prey to traps set by malicious users. From porn to monetary scams, the type of online threats is never ending. Barring the kids from using the web is not prudent and that is not possible either. You may resort to using suitable parental control software though. Such specialized apps enable you to filter content in the web for the kids. It also lets you customize web access for young users in numerous ways.

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Selecting The Most Apt Parental Control Software

While suitable parental control software lets you control web access for the kids, choosing the most suitable app is not easy. There are plenty of such apps in the market. You need to know your usage needs and pick the one that offers the best performance for the price.

  • Type of Software

As a matter of fact, there are various types of parental control applications. You will find freeware and commercial apps. As expected, freeware apps come with restrictions and limited customization options in most instances. You will find some standalone parental control software while several Internet security apps come with a parental section module. If you are also looking for a PC security suite, investing in an IS app with parental control makes more sense. There are some apps that have versions for Mac and Windows. If you use both Mac and Windows based computers at home, they will fit your bill.

  • Simplicity of Usage

Ease of usage should not be bottlenecked for the sake of controlling online activities of the kids! Ideally, buy a parental control suite that has a sleek, streamlined UI. Some suites offer a basic and an advanced mode. Inclusion of adequate help documentation would be like icing on the cake.

  • Web Access Customization And Restriction

A majority of parental control apps lets you block access to objectionable content in the internet using keywords and category based website settings. Some apps have pre- defined categories, while some others allow you to add your own categories. Apart from websites, these apps often offer means to block or limit access to IM apps, social media sites and emails.

  • Stealth Mode

Your kids may be tech savvy and when they find the parental control software has been installed in the PC, they may try to disable it. While some such apps prevent forced terminations, it is best that you keep it hidden! Nowadays, you can find a number of such apps equipped with a stealth mode. Under that mode, other users cannot find that app installed and running. It will be absent from control panel and start menu. You can invoke the app using hotkeys or passwords.

  • Notification Options

Regardless of the PC being equipped with a monitoring software or not, the kids may try to access websites and services. While the app is able to block such attempts, it should also be equipped with options to alert you and send notifications. This helps you stay aware about the online activities of your children, even when you are away. While email based notification are handy, it is better if the app can send mobile or social media alerts.

  • Scheduling Options

It is not only about sites with porn content and violence, parents are worried about the time kids spend online. Parental control apps have integrated scheduling feature. Ensure that your chosen app has robust scheduling feature that cannot be disabled by resetting system time and other tricks.