How To Cook Your Own Takeout Food At Home With 5 Great Apps

I bet you hate having to wait for food when you order a takeout. Once it comes you need to get rid of all the food packaging which is a right pain. Eventually you can enjoy your meal while thinking of all that money you’ve just spent. A better solution would be to learn how to cook your own delicious meals so you wouldn’t have to order a takeout anymore. I bet these fantastic apps could teach you how to cook anything your heart desires.

Chinese Recipes



Once you start visiting China you begin to realize the food we eat in the US doesn’t really taste like the food you get over there. This is the same with lots of countries, but it’s definitely a little bit more obvious when it comes to Chinese food. The Chinese Recipes app takes the most popular recipes and teaches you them in a way that is easy to understand. There are also lots of classic recipes and if you’re a fan of Chinese food you will never get bored of trying out the treats inside the app.

Sweet ‘N’ Spicy



When you start learning how to cook Indian meals it’s not easy because there are so many of them to choose from. Think how big the country is then take into account the fact every small area has their own way of cooking things. Even this app has over 7000 recipes and 1000 video recipes packed inside. Luckily they are sorted into their own special categories so you will be able to work your way through them easily. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan recipes inside too for all those animal lovers out there.

Mexican Recipes


Mexican Recipes

It’s hard not to get addicted to Mexican food and if you do have any great restaurants near you it can get quite expensive. If you plan on cooking lots of delicious tacos at home you will love this app. All the recipes are completely authentic and they’ve been put together by expert chefs to ensure you won’t be left disappointed. There is a good chance you’ll discover some favorites then you can spend the next few years becoming an expert at cooking them.

Appon’s Thai Recipes


Thai Recipes

Thai food isn’t so popular at the moment, but over the last decade it’s definitely been gaining popularity. Speak to anyone who has actually spend time in the country and they will tell you it’s probably the best selection of food in the world. There are tons of recipes inside this app and each one comes with a photo so you can see if it looks appealing before you decide to tackle it. You can filter each recipe by ingredients you want to include which does make it easier to find things you like.

Giallo Zafferano Recipes


Zafferano Recipes

The last country we’re going to look at is Italy because the food is definitely up there with the best of them. One of the wonderful things about Italian food is the variety you can enjoy. There are literally thousands of toppings you can put on a pizza and there are just as many things you can add to pasta. There are thousands of recipes inside the app, but if you can speak Italian there are even more you will get to experiment with. Just make sure you also have some nice wine in your cabinet to go along with your meals.

Make it a habit

Instead of picking up the phone when you want to order some nice food you should definitely learn to cook it yourself. Start with one of these apps and see how you get on. I bet your belly will thank you because it’s about to experience some delicious food from now on.