How to Deal with Trolls on the Internet

The internet has been a wonderful avenue where people from all walks of life get the opportunity to get entertainment, share ideas, and socialize. Internet trolling is however growing over the internet targeting users. Internet trolls are people who are found over the internet with the intention of making infuriating messages that are off the topic discussed among the online community. The purpose of this individual is to get people to argue over the internet and start major conflicts. Most actions taken by many to deal with trolls often fire them up to do more damage. There is a need for skills to handle these individuals, as they are not the sort of persons you can talk to and expect to change their ways.

Trolls are anonymous people and it even gets harder to track them down when their trolling activity has been widened up. These individuals are unreasonable and it is not logical to seek talking them out of their activity. It is important to note that they are the renegades of the internet community who cannot be reconciled with normal functioning and cohesion.

Avoid invigorating trolls

It is important that you avoid invigorating contact with trolls by any means possible. Their intention is to create conflict and any slight form of response to their activity fires them up to do more. Response like insults only gives them motivation to strike back even harder. You should learn to compose yourself when handling these individuals and in addition, you should look at them as no part of the community.How to Deal with Trolls on the Internet

How to deal with Internet trolls

  • Learn to ignore the trolls. Trolls usually devise ways in which to make you angry. They know that you will be moved to fight back when angry and this will give them the satisfaction they need thus making you fight even more. Failure to respond to their comments and remarks will make them leave you to look for a responsive target.
  • Learn to avoid bickering back. When you fail to bicker back, the trolls miss an opportunity that will keep them going at what they do best. This can make you easily win the fight that the troll had started.
  • Contact the administrator. Online community forums have administrators or moderators that manage the forum. Contacting this individual directly about the troll will help them identify unwelcome personnel that need to be blocked from the community. The moderator usually has the right to remove such individuals from the community to maintain peace within the online group.
  • Learn to block suck individuals. When the trolls have hit your personal pages or sites over the internet, you should block them from your site. The internet offers privacy settings that let you block unwanted individuals from your site with ease. This will block their unruly comments or posts.
  • Inform your friends about the troll. Letting your friends know about the troll early protects them from becoming victims of these type of follies.

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