How To Download Facebook Videos on iPhone And iPad

It is quite common to see so many interesting and funny videos on Facebook shared and uploaded by your friends and colleagues nowadays. However, you may not be able to download the videos when you are using an iOS device, at least directly. You can very well offer a link to a video you like in Facebook using chat, but offering direct content is so much better, is not it? Like many iPad and iPhone users you may have wished if there was a way to download videos from Facebook and share it afterwards. Thankfully, you can do it now, courtesy a handful of third party apps.

Ways to Download Facebook Videos on iOS Devices

Before you buy and install an app on your iOS device to download Facebook videos, ensure it is compatible. Not all such apps are compatible with all variants of iPhone and iPad, as it is. You will find both free and paid apps for this and need to compare them to pick the right offering.

Download Facebook Videos on iPhone And iPad

Video Downloader Plus

You can find Video Downloader Plus at the App Store. It leads you to a browser page where opening any video is possible using the url. Since you want to download videos from Facebook, log into your Facebook profile. It is compatible with devices running iOS 7 and subsequent versions. This is a multilingual app.

After logging in using the browser page, you can use Facebook like you do otherwise. So, you will have to tap to highlight and then select download when it comes to downloading a video file. The app will pop up a prompt for a name to save that video. After the file download is done you will need to save it to camera roll, which can be done by tapping the information button. The App UI is quite simple to use, as it is.
Downloading Facebook videos using the app is pretty simple, but it is not absolutely flawless. You will not be able to download those videos that are copyright protected. When you try downloading videos from blacklisted websites the download button will not show up.

After a video gets saved to the phone’s camera roll, you are good to go! Open any app like Hike or WhatsApp and then upload the video from your device’s camera roll for sending to friends and others. The app also has some useful settings. You can protect it as well as the downloaded files with password if necessary.

Video Downloader For Facebook V2

This is another handy app for downloading Facebook videos in iOS devices. It is not free, but the price is on the lower side! With it you can save any Facebook video in the web gallery of your iPhone. You can pick from low and high quality settings for the video. On top of it, you can download a number of videos at the same time, which is quite handy. It supports devices with iOS 7 and later versions but iPhone 5 users are likely to get the best experience. It supports Russian and English.

Summing it up

So, you can see downloading Facebook videos into your iPhone and iPad is not much tedious. You just need to download and use the right apps. If you search in the App store you will find some other apps along with aforementioned two. You may go though user reviews to pick the one best suited for you. Unless you are still stuck with a really old version of iPad and iPhone you will be able to use the apps and share downloaded videos with others.