How To Find The Best Laptop For Your Kid

Compared to their counterparts in earlier generations, present generation kids tend to be more adept in learning and developing new skills. While a lot of their parents got introduced to computers and the Internet in their college days, these kids master the nuances of technology before entering teenage! So, it is quite natural for you to shop for a laptop for your children. However, you need to remember that PC usage requirements of kids will be somewhat different from the adults in certain aspects.

6 Tips That Can Be Beneficial For You When Searching For A Laptop For Kids:

Laptop For Your Kid

1. Size of The Laptop

Kids have smaller hands and they will find handling 11 to 14 inch laptops easier compared to bigger ones with 16 inch and bigger screens. In other words, do not look for desktop replacement type laptops for your kids! The tiny toddlers will find carrying and moving lightweight notebooks easier naturally.

2. Build Quality And Ergonomics

This is a vital aspect to consider when you look for laptops for your children. You cannot really expect the kids to be as careful as you for handling anything, gadgets or clothes! So, ensure you buy a laptop which is robustly built and durable for your kids. It is better if the laptop has a keyboard with spill proof mechanism. A matte surface with scratch resistant outer casing will also be good. Some laptops also come with special mechanism to prevent shock to HDD in case of bumps and falls.

3. OS

This is another important aspect to consider while shopping for kids’ laptops. Nowadays, kids start using Smartphones or tablets before they become accustomed to using a PC. So, you have to choose the type of OS carefully. If your kid is comfortable using an Android smartphone, he or she will find it easy to learn using a chromebook. Those kids already using iPad or iPhone will find it easier to adapt to OS X, especially if they use iCloud features. If not, you will find plenty of Windows based laptops to pick from. Cost wise, Macs are the most expensive options while Chromebooks are on par with the entry level Windows laptops.

4. Specifications

It is true that you need not buy a very expensive and highly powerful laptop for your kids but do not settle for a very frugal model either! The entry level small laptops powered by Intel Atom chips and inadequate RAM will soon prove to be inadequate for your kids’ usage. Opt for a model with AMD or Intel Chips and 4GB of RAM for smooth performance. If your kids love gaming, opt for a laptop with powerful GPU. Models equipped with USB 3.0 and HDMI ports are also preferable since the kids will need to use a number of peripherals.

5. Software

Apart from the OS bundled in, you also need to check the applications that come installed with a laptop. Kids will need to use various productivity apps for school projects, as it is. They will also need to use apps for making presentations and painting at times. Many Windows based laptops nowadays come installed with a version of Office suites and webcam software. It is also better if the laptop comes equipped with good antivirus software.

6. Warranty and Up-gradability

Buying a laptop for kids that has a longer warranty period makes sense. Some manufacturers offer extended warranty for discounted rates for selected laptop models. Upgradability is another aspect you need to think of in this context. Buying laptops with available memory slots and space for additional HDD makes sense.