How To Get Rid of That Terrible Reception

Talk about being sick of static, the terrible reception we’de been receiving for so long was becoming imprinted on the back of our eyes. Our friends told us to go with satellite TV, but we were reluctant. First of all, we didn’t want that unsightly dish installed at our house. But we soon overcame that objection, once we realized the benefits of satellite TV.

Multiple TVs

We were told that using satellite TV would require a separate receiver for each television set. For us, that was not problem because with our cable setup, we had a receiver on every TV anyway. This was no big change. This made it possible for us to watch different shows on different TVs in the house, simultaneously, just as we did with our old digital cable.

Terrible Reception

Power Surges

Other people told us that power surges would blow out our receivers. Well, guess what? They do that anyway! Our old cable receivers were plugged into a power source, too, and each one had to be connected to a surge protector.

Weather Problems


Satellite TV has been criticized for malfunctioning during bad weather. People who complain about poor reception during certain types of storms often don’t realize that cable TV has the same problem. The cable provider uses satellites to access signals, and sends the signals over cable to your house. So, the satellites not only may be affected by a storm, but the cable itself is often faulty. This can interrupt service for not only your TV, but for your land line and internet, too. Anyone who digs a hole without checking with the cable company can disrupt cable service for an entire neighborhood. Satellite TV is actually more reliable than cable TV because it is more direct to your home and the signal doesn’t have to travel as far through the resistance of a cable.


Perhaps the biggest problem with satellite receivers is that they have to face South, and they have to have an un-obstructed view of the sky. If you have a lot of landscaping around your property, this may be a problem. The advent of the smaller dishes that can be attached to your roof have helped with this problem. However, if you live in an urban environment, in a single family dwelling, you may have problems getting un-obstructed reception. However, if you live in an apartment complex, you probably will have full use of the very good satellite services provided by the building management.

More Channels, Digital TV

Your cable TV will be limited by contracts negotiated by the local cable carrier. Your satellite TV, however, is not limited by such constraints. Not only do you get vastly more programs with your satellite TV, they are digital. It’s a common misconception that only cable sends a digital signal. Remember that cable companies get their signals from satellite, too. So, you get digital signals from many more channels with satellite TV.

And, don’t forget that you can take your satellite receivers and dish with you. Some providers even offer to move your dish for you, and set it up. They want to keep your business, so they’ll help.