How To Hide My Real Public IP Address

Whether you surf the web and perform online activities from a laptop or desktop, your PC has a unique IP address. Without an IP address, you cannot use the internet while using a computer. It is applicable for any type of internet connection and ISP you have, including broadband, USB modem or wi fi. The IP address is a prerequisite for registering and logging the online activities. You can choose from dynamic and static IP address for your computer and this also depends on the ISP.

Need To Hide Your PC’s IP Address

Hide IP Address

In certain situations, you may need to hide the IP address of your desktop or laptop.

  • People, who are on the move and need to access internet using public wireless networks, may feel insecure about keeping IP address open and they need measures to mask the real IP Address.
  • If you perform lots of online transactions and want to adopt an extra layer of security, hiding the computer’s IP Address is advisable.
  • There are some websites, especially entertainment related ones, that restrict access to certain geographical locations. If you need to access content of such websites from a banned country, hiding the real IP address can be of great help.
  • While sending crucial company data or important information online, masking IP Address can help you from thwarting attempts of hackers and exploitative users.
  • Agencies and organizations dealing with government secrets, researches may want to keep their online activities and data transfer covert.

Ways To Hide Your PC’s Real IP Address

There are a few ways to hide the real IP Address of your computer. You should evaluate the methods and pick what is best suited for your needs:

Method 1: Anonymous Proxy Server

A lot of web users resort to Proxy Servers to access web without revealing their real IP address. It can work as an intermediate interface between the Internet and your home network. You can choose from free and paid proxy servers. Nowadays, you can find several such Proxy server tools that are user friendly and you need not fiddle with settings to mask your IP address. The Proxy server tools are based on certain countries like the UK or USA.

Method 2: VPN Software

For home users looking for an uncomplicated method to mask IP Address and surf the web stealthily, VPN software is the ideal bet. This actually widens your scope of internet access while maintaining total privacy. You can pick from free and paid VPN apps. The free versions come with bandwidth and usage quota limitations. Such apps let you pick from several anonymous IPs for accessing region restricted web content. VPN apps also encrypt internet traffic, thus offering users enhanced security. While Proxy servers support only browsers, VPN apps support all internet traffic including IM apps. Nowadays, most VPN apps are quite user friendly and there is not much to configure. However, you need to be in administrator profile to install and use such apps.

Method 3: Tor

The third option to hide your real IP address is using Tor services. This can be quite slow but security conscious users should opt for it. It works in a different way to hide the user’s IP Address. When you use Tor service, it tunnels the internet traffic through a number of volunteer networks. It does not cost anything either. The traffic transmitted through Tor’s volunteer networks get encrypted during transfer and decrypted at the end, making data retrieval tougher. The glitch is that Tor is not as user friendly as the popular VPN software you can use.