How To Improve The Performance of Your Android Tablet

It is quite fascinating to think and observe how gadgets keep getting smaller with time! The day may come when stuffs you read in science fiction books will become reality. Think of the wearable devices, making inroads or the tablets used by billions of people worldwide, for example. Tablets, for example, have proved to be a hit with users from diverse demographics. With tablets, you can pretty much do everything possible with a fully fledged PC without compromising on mobility factor! With iPads remaining out of reach for budget conscious users and Windows tablets yet to gain traction, Android based devices rule the roost in tablet sector.


Improving Speed And Performance of Android Tablet

After prolonged use, you may find your Android tablet has become sluggish and multitasking has become a pain! While upgrading tablet is not as simple as upgrading an assembled desktop, you are not without options either!

Use the below listed tips to turn your sluggish Android tablet to run faster and offer overall enhanced performance:

1. Boosting Battery Life

No matter how big a battery the manufacturer has put in your android tablet, you may find it reaching low levels when you are far from reaching home you’re your workplace! This happens when you multitask vigorously with the device. Most such tablets have a non- replaceable battery, but there are workarounds to extract more juice from your tablet’s battery. Some brands offer a power saver mode to enhance battery life of the tablets. Activating this mode may result in reduced brightness and speed, but you will get extended battery life. Reducing the display brightness level will help your tablet run longer anyway.

2. Removing Unwanted Apps

Not all apps provided by your tablet manufacturer may be of use to you. A lot of Android tablet users just never use the apps and these hog memory while running in the background. Try to uninstall such apps from your device to free up memory and boost performance.

3. Discarding Unnecessary Eye Candy

Disabling some eye candy and effects in your Android tablet can result in a perceptible boost in overall performance. For example, you may opt for a static wallpaper over a live one. Some tablets also feature a UI used on top of stock Android and animations and effects on the overlay may reduce speed. You may disable the overlay effects to improve tablet speed.

4. Using An App And Cache Cleaner

Just like Windows, Android users also cope with reduced performance caused by accumulating browser and app cache, junk files, etc. You should use a suitable Android junk and cache cleaner app. There are so many such apps that cost nothing and help in boosting device performance. You may run the apps daily and there are apps that run automatically at intervals too.

5. Updating

This is a basic but useful step for keeping your android tablet running smoothly and offer lag free performance. While notifications for apps available at Google Play are easy to spot by users, the same is not true of updates and patches released by your Android tablet manufacturer. You should check for OS updates and patches from time to time. Installing app and OS updates in Android results in apps running smoother and crashing less. You also get access to more features and enjoy enhanced stability.

6. Rooting The Device

This is one performance boost method chosen by gadget freaks and tech savvy users, exclusively! Rooting an Android device lets you do many things that are not possible otherwise. For example, you can remove the manufacturer bundled apps that cannot be uninstalled normally. You can also customize the UI and OS in unprecedented ways. However, rooting a device also makes the warranty invalid and so you should proceed with caution.

Summing It Up

While the aforesaid tips will surely help you enhance performance of your Android tablet, a lot depends on how you use it. For example, you may disable the device’s cellular network when you are in a wi fi enabled environment, including your office. Disabling maps can also help save battery life to an extent. With careful observation you can devise newer ways to extend battery life and enhance maximum performance from your Android tablet.