How To Learn Coding In a Month

Whether you acknowledge it or not, you live a life surrounded by media and technology. The toddlers grow up reading ebooks on Kindle and teenagers spend more time on their tablets and Smartphone than they sleep in a day! Incidentally, the apps you use every day or online services run and used by millions of users are based on coding. Dig down an app like Photoshop or probe into a web browser, all features and functionalities are driven by numerous lines of programming or code.

Learning Coding Is A Necessity

A professional with in depth knowledge in programming gets priority in jobs. There was a time you could learn coding in long term degree courses offered by universities, nowadays there are different and easier options. There are several online tutorials that can come to aid of people who want to learn coding in a short time span.

learning to code

Difficulties Faced In Learning Coding On Fast Track

Initially, a lot of people feel learning coding through online tutorials is the best and the most flexible way. However, the truth is it becomes very difficult to follow the tutorials for the majority. The main shortcoming of such online programming courses is that programming veterans often assume beginners will figure out certain things. They make the tutorials accordingly.
They often explain abstract concepts related to coding in brief, which leaves many things unclear to non coders.

Selecting A Programming Language Or Framework

This can be a tough choice as there is no dearth of programming language used for web app development or making websites. There are Open source programming languages and those like .Net. You can also use some languages along with ready made framework. One example is Ruby on Rails. This is actually suitable for those hailing from other backgrounds. Ruby is the core language while Rails basically automates some difficult and repetitive tasks, reducing the learning curve for non coders.

Getting The Basics Of Coding In A Month

Even when you select a suitable coding language or a language with framework, the question remains- is it really possible to master coding in just one month.

While you may not be able to become a pro in coding within one month, taking the right approach and selecting the right course can show the way. However, the right course can get beginners acquainted with nitti- gritties of web and app development. Their concept of aspects like dealing with databases, using html with CSS will become clear in this duration. In short, they can develop development specific skill sets.

Things To Do When You Want To Lean Programming Quickly

When you enroll in an online programming course to master languages like C# or python, a few things have to be checked and done.
Practice Codes

Ensure you get plenty of example codes to work on. Without adequate practice codes, you cannot test your skills and proceed. After going through the lessons, try the example codes and see how well you can understand and implement them. You have to master the courage to try.

Executing Codes

Reading the codes and lessons is something, but to master the language you need to run it in the compiler. You need to run the code to understand how much you have grasped in reality. This may not be a flawless experience. Runtime errors and debugging will need to be dealt with sometimes. However, as you resolve such woes your understanding will be improved.

Making Codes

After you become comfortable with testing and running codes, it is time you try your hands at coding. This can be time consuming and again you will run into errors. However, consistent practicing will help you understand why and where things are going wrong. You may try simple and small codes in the beginning. As you gain a grasp over the language, try longer and more complex ones.

Using Additional Resources

While you have enrolled for one specific course to learn coding fast, there is nothing to prevent you from trying additional resources. With the internet at your fingertips, feel free to access other online resources, example codes and video guides. There are several helpful online forums and you will get some handy tips on social media sites as well.