How To Make Your iPhone 6 Battery Run Longer

There is no denying the reality that people are getting increasingly dependent on their smartphones for various needs. Using smartphones to book movie tickets or making online transactions is way simpler than doing the same using a computer and web browser. The Apple iPhone – loved and used by millions of users worldwide is one such device. While Apple has enhanced each version of iPhone with plenty of hardware and software features, battery life can be an issue at times. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have decent batteries, but heavy users may feel the need of some added juice in times of need!

Useful Tips To Enhance The Battery Life of Iphone 6

With a few tried and tested tricks it is possible to make the battery in your iPhone 6 last longer. To extract the additional hours you may have to give up some functionalities. It comes down between choosing the features and getting longer battery life eventually.

iPhone 6: longer battery life

1. Deactivating Notifications

In iPhone 6, you will find a number of notifications enabled by default. However, you may do without a few of them. So, you may deactivate a few notifications in the phone’s Notification Center found under settings.

2. Not Using Location Services

The location services may not be needed by all users. If you keep it activated at all time, the GPS in your iPhone will search for location updates, resulting in battery drain. You may choose to disable the service for certain apps as well. On the same note you may not use ‘Frequent Locations’ service and save battery.

3. Tweaking Background Refresh

There are plenty of iOS apps and iPhone users install many of them in their devices. While the apps can be quite useful, you may not need to keep background refresh enabled for all of them. Doing so takes a toll on iPhone battery life beyond doubt. You may disable this feature for some apps to get enhanced battery life.

4. Not Using Cellular Network When It Is Not Required

You may enjoy using the blazing fast LTE network that makes downloading music and data on your iPhone quick. However, at times you may find that there are areas where cellular network is patchy. When you are in such areas, turning off cellular data would be the best option. In such zones, the phone starts searching for network and that drains out the battery faster. Using airplane mode or switching to Wi-Fi makes sense.

5. Isolate And Remove Apps Hogging Battery

Like the Android users, iPhone users can trace apps that are draining the battery fast, thanks to the iOS 8 updates. You can trace such apps under the device’s menu Settings> General> Usage. The apps that are hogging battery much can be removed.

6. Turning off Push Email

For corporate users, push email feature of the iPhone comes in handy. However, you may save battery by setting push email disabled. You need to set the option ‘Fetch New Data’ to manual under Mail> Contacts and calendars.

7. Adjusting Display Settings

This is one trick that will help you extract more battery life from literally any Smartphone, not just iPhone 6! You can choose to turn off the device’s ‘Auto-brightness’ feature. Doing so will require readjusting the setting when you step out in daylight, but the battery saving is the benefit. You may also shorten the phone’s default duration for auto screen lock.

8. Bidding Adieu To Dynamic Wallpaper And Parallax

The eye candies in your iPhone 6 usually take a toll on battery life and you can deactivate some of them to extract more juice from the battery. The dynamic wallpapers may look cool, but they drain out the battery quicker. Choose static wallpaper and save battery life. The parallax in iOS 8 has drawn mixed reviews from critics and users. You may disable the moving wallpaper behind apps and save battery.