How To Make Yourself Look Thinner Using Photoshop Software

Do you cringe each time you look at your photograph? The oodles of weight and fat on your body would want to make you burn all that photographs for good. If only it was so easy to burn fat and weight that, you carry around on your body. Most people are not satisfied with how they look. Some want to be taller than they are, some shorter. While some want to lose pounds and look thinner, while some want to add a few pounds and have more curves.

You have tried all that you can and still cannot manage to get that fabulous figure you craved for. Well, now you can get that look you always desired on a photograph if not for real. The new Photoshop software is a great boon for people who want to look slimmer in photographs. You can make yourself look thinner using the Photoshop software. It will help you see how you would look if you dropped a few pounds. This will be one of the easiest weight loss programs, which you would have tried to lose a few pounds.

Well, this software will help to get the exact look you desire in photographs. Most of the celebrities and models are not picture perfect as they look in magazines. Most of the times their photographs have been ‘dealt with’ to give it that picture perfect look.

Look Thinner Using Photoshop Software

What You Can Do With The Abode Photoshop Tool

You can also make yourself look thinner with Photoshop. You need not be a computer expert to try this software. You can look from fat to thin, within no time with this wonderful software. Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite is the most popular tool used to edit graphics, images, and photos. . A majority of professional photographers and graphic designers use the software. The intense makeover is done with the help of a liquefy tool on Photoshop. The tool can be used to make all kinds of effects like a bulging eye or warping of a head. You can use the many tools to do the digital cosmetic surgery and clear up skin problem to get a picture perfect photograph of yourself.

Here Is A Step-By-Step Instruction On How To Use Photoshop To Look Thinner

Step 1: Using Photoshop CS5, go to “file” in the top right corner, then scroll down and click “open”, then browse through your files and select the photo that you would like to have edited.

Step 2: Next, go to the top menu, and click on “filter”, then select “liquify” (you should see a large circle appear in the workspace)

Step 3: Use the liquify tool, use the circular icon to drag the image inward, and creating the illusion of a slimmer figure.

Step 4: Go to the menu on the far left, and select the “pucker tool” (it looks like a purple doggie treat), then centre the brush on the area you want to pucker, and click around until the desired effect has been achieved.

Step 5: Next, you will go back to the same menu on the far left, and look for the patch tool (you may have to first click on the “spot healing brush tool”, which looks like a band-aid, then scroll to find the patch tool.) The patch tool looks like a patch, the way it works is, you select an area you want to remove (an ugly spot), then drag the selected area to an area without an ugly spot, and it will copy that area over the ugly spot. When done properly, it looks very natural.

Step 6: Back to the same menu on the far left, then select the “clone stamp tool”. The clone stamp tool works much like the patch tool, you pick an area that looks fine, and then use it to brush over areas that you would like to touch up.

Step 7: Repeat previous steps until you are satisfied with the image, then save to your computer.
The amount you can modify the percentage and still have the picture appear normal depends on your pictures’s background. The more simple the background, the lower you can drop the percentage (though you should hardly ever go below 94 percent). The lower the percentage, the thinner you will appear.