How To Monitor Your Baby Without Being There

Being anxious about your baby is a justified emotion of many new parents. But how to solve this issue? Many tech start-ups are now looking into this lucrative niche. They aim to develop systems that can keep a check on your baby 24*7. It is not just for when they are sleeping, but they help track all the activities of the kid.

Most of the times all a mother needs is to see that her baby is comfortable in the crib even if they are in the next room. But such smart systems go beyond that, they track the baby’s position, pulse rate and even the breathing rates.

This article will explain remarkable new technologies that will transform the function of a caregiver and make it simplified and effortless.

Sproutling: Plug in your Baby

sproutling baby monitor

Sproutling has come out with a new baby activity tracker planned to be worn during nap times. It is a baby safe ankle bracelet which has in-built sensors. These sensors check the baby’s heart rate, skin temperature, temperament, if it’s still sleeping and its position while sleeping. This tracker is best suited for kids up to the age of two years. The bracelet comes with a mobile app and a charger. The app connects the mobile phone with the bracelet over internet. It allows the parents to leave the house for dinner or any other engagement without any strain.

Without any complicated data or graphs, this IoT devices provides a live feed of your baby on the phone. You can check how are baby is doing without any complex figure to hinder the process.

The app has a simplified interface. And the most essential thing is that it is totally baby friendly.

Edison Powered Mimo Baby Monitor: Know where they are

Mimo Baby Monitor

Mimo brings to its consumers a revolutionary baby monitor. They can now actually where the monitor and move around. Yes, the tracker is embedded in the onesies itself! The dress called a kimono measures the body temperature of the kids and then passes on the information to the gadget attached to the centre of the onesies (a turtle shaped widget). This gizmo can calculate the heart rate, pulse, and the breathing frequency. Not only it provides you with all the data on your mobile, it assimilates the data too for a collective analysis. Mom and Dad can then check for any aberration. By calculating the heart beats, it transfers the information to the parent whether the kid is awake or asleep. Using just your mobile phone you get to hear everything that your kid is doing in the crib or in the next room. The smartphone app is available for both the operating systems- Android and IOS.

All these features make Mimo a very appealing application. The developers are still looking to incorporate more hardware like transmitters into their domain.

New app developers want to enter this $50billion industry to establish their own niche Babies are the most important part of any family. For the new parents it can be a cumbersome task if they do not get the appropriate help. For the GenX the help is technology.. Such a technology can be an extravagant expenditure in the beginning but it does help you save your time and energy. A relaxed parent can enjoy with the baby much more then!